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In defence of densification
Insight 11 Feb 2021

In modern times, Australian cities and many around the world have strived to achieve greater urban densification. This is a trend driven by both the prevailing wisdom of the times and by necessity. Suddenly, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised fundamental questions about urban density and its risks. ...

Suburban hubs and the '20-minute neighbourhood'
Insight 10 Dec 2020

As cities grapple with how to open up following months of COVID-19 forced lockdowns, establishing '20-minute neighbourhoods' or suburban hubs could be an answer. ...

The health and economic crisis shines a spotlight on the need for greater social and affordable housing
Insight 20 Nov 2020

The pandemic has laid bare Australia's overextended and under-invested social and affordable housing market. We look at some of the investment initiatives that have been pursued to date by the state governments. We  also suggest some regulatory and planning changes that can be made. ...

Build-to-rent: stimulating recovery, ensuring resilience
Insight 10 Nov 2020

Build-to-Rent (BTR) helps drive economic productivity, and with the right government intervention, could not only play a key role in Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19, but also ensure the future liveability and resilience of our cities. ...

Reimagining Australian cities
Insight 29 Sep 2020

Cities are always changing, but with 71% of our population now living in major cities,1 there is an increasing focus on how our cities will emerge from the pandemic and how we can provide the greatest social and economic benefits for all Australians. Hear more from our experts. ...