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CDR action initiation is coming – what does it mean and why does it matter?
Insight 30 Nov 2022

On 26 September 2022, the Treasury released draft legislation to enable action initiation under the national Consumer Data Right ( CDR ) regime ( AI Exposure Draft ). One month later, on 30 Novembe ...

When silence is no longer golden: the demise of 'silent cyber' and the need for dedicated cyber insurance
Insight 10 Nov 2022

Recent high-profile cyberattacks and the Federal Court's Inchcape decision provide a timely reminder of the need for suitable cyber insurance coverage. This Insight explains what this all means for your business. ...

Privacy Act changes raise the bar
Insight 08 Nov 2022

A number of high profile data breaches and cyber attacks have occurred over the last month. The Government's immediate response is increase the penalties associated with serious breaches of the Privacy Act and provide the OAIC with enhanced enforcement and information gathering and sharing powers. ...

Continuous disclosure obligations in the evolving age of cyberattacks
Insight 02 Nov 2022

This Insight examines the growing need for boards and senior management to consider disclosure obligations in the event of an actual or suspected cyber incident—regardless of their significance—as well as the need to apply an ESG lens to cyber resilience. ...

From Sleeping Giant to Awakening Giant – ANDHealth Report on the Australian Digital Health Sector
Insight 01 Nov 2022

ANDHealth recently launched its detailed report on the state of the Australian digital health sector, The Awakening Giant: The Rise of Australia's Evidence-Based Digital Health Sector. In this Insight we summarise some of the key takeaways from the report, including key trends and challenges for the Australian market. ...

Get your data retention and destruction program up and running
Insight 28 Oct 2022

This Insight outlines the regulatory, operational and technical complexities at issue, and summarises the six steps you can take now to accelerate (or initiate) a data retention and destruction program. ...

A step into the breach – will the Optus incident give rise to more data breach class actions?
Insight 12 Oct 2022

Within days of Optus revealing it had suffered a major cyber incident, two major plaintiff class actions firms announced investigations into potential class action claims. ...

Backing up the backups: cyber insurance in a hardening market
Insight 20 Sep 2022

Increased regulatory scrutiny and enforcement action, including in Australia, is also contributing to the steadily rising cost of cyber risk management and cyber incident response. In this first instalment of our Cyber Insurance Handbook Series, we look at the key trends in the cyber insurance market and how your business should respond. ...

Vietnam issues new guidance on data localisation requirement
Insight 25 Aug 2022

More than three years after the Cybersecurity Law came into force, Vietnam's Government has finally issued guidance for its implementation under Decree No. 53/2022/ND-CP. In this Insight we examine this requirement and its implications for Vietnamese and foreign businesses. ...

Software-based medical devices: key regulatory requirements, IP considerations and data privacy implications
Insight 29 Jul 2022

Software is increasingly being used as a medical device and in medical devices. It is crucial that businesses understand the regulations that can apply to software-based medical devices, the IP considerations if they wish to protect such devices and the privacy-related risks associated with the collection and use of data from such devices. This Insight explores each of these issues in turn. ...