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Recap of recent mandatory vaccination cases
Insight 29 Oct 2021

The Fair Work Commission (the FWC) and New South Wales Supreme Court (the NSWSC) have each recently made decisions regarding mandatory influenza and COVID-19 vaccination employment policies. ...

High Court denies academic million-dollar compensation award but protects intellectual freedom
Insight 29 Oct 2021

The High Court dismissed an appeal by Dr Peter Ridd, a former academic of James Cook University (the university), upholding his dismissal but recognising the protection of his intellectual freedom. ...

Pick up the pace – poor performer fails to establish negligence
Insight 29 Oct 2021

The New South Wales District Court has rejected a worker's negligence claim, finding that his supervisor's repeated requests for him to hurry up did not amount to bullying or a breach of the employer's duty of care. ...

Loaded rates approved under Hospitality Award
Insight 29 Oct 2021

Employers have had the option under the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 (the Hospitality Award) of paying certain employees a loaded rate in satisfaction of overtime, penalty rates and the split shift allowance since 7 September 2021. ...

Queensland decision highlights importance of considering evidence that supports investigation finding
Insight 29 Oct 2021

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (the Commission) recently found an employer liable for a psychological injury caused by a three-month disciplinary process. ...

Mandatory vaccination directions issued for Victorian workers
Insight 08 Oct 2021

The Victorian government has implemented a broad-reaching mandatory vaccination requirement for workers as part of its plan to limit the spread of COVID-19. Under the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions (Directions), a significant number of Victorian workers must be vaccinated in order to work away from home from 22 October 2021. ...

FWC allows legal representation for employer in bullying hearing
Insight 27 Sep 2021

The Fair Work Commission (the FWC) has allowed an employer, with some in-house employment relations capability, to be represented by a lawyer in a hearing dealing with an application to stop bullying. ...

Record WHS fine of $1 million
Insight 27 Sep 2021

The Department of Defence has been fined $1 million, over a fatality that occurred during a training exercise. According to a Comcare media release, this is the largest penalty ever imposed in the Commonwealth workplace health and safety jurisdiction ...

Employer liable for COVID-related death
Insight 27 Sep 2021

The Personal Injury Commission of New South Wales (the Commission) has found an employer liable for the death of an employee who contracted COVID-19 during the course of their employment. ...

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination plans
Insight 27 Sep 2021

Virgin Australia and Telstra have announced they intend to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for frontline staff, in the wake of similar announcements from Qantas and SPC. ...