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Treasurer's 'Roadmap' more a reminder than an explainer
Insight 19 Aug 2019

The Treasurer, the Honourable Josh Frydenberg, released the Government's 'Implementation Roadmap' today to 'provide clarity and certainty' about the Government's ongoing work to implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission ...

Does that raise a question of the criminal law?
Insight 15 Aug 2019

During Royal Commission hearings last year, Commissioner Hayne ominously asked one witness: Does that raise a question of the criminal law? This Insight considers the implications of this question for financial service providers. ...

APRA consults on Hayne recommendation concerning end-to-end product responsibility – the right tool for the job?
Insight 18 Jul 2019

APRA has announced a consultation on a proposal to create a new 'end-to-end product' responsibility within the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR). ...

What's next for impact investing in Australia?
Insight 11 Jun 2019

The Australian impact investing market has grown considerably in recent years and growth is largely attributed to a surge of impact investment with focus on environmental rather than social outcomes. ...

Australia - Fund Finance 2019, 3rd Edition
Insight 27 Mar 2019

Fund financing activities in Australia remained strong in 2017 with particular focus on infrastructure private equity funds and private debt funds all of which took advantage of the additional liquidity and funding flexibility in this market ...

Contract Law Update 2018
Insight 26 Mar 2019

This Insight examines the latest developments in contract law ...

ASIC's change of tone in action
Insight 15 Mar 2019

ASIC's 'why not litigate?' approach to enforcement activities and its change in tone confirm the new era of regulatory engagement has arrived. In particular, its recent actions in the Federal Court place the waiving of legal professional privilege under the spotlight. ...

Detailed analysis
Insight 11 Feb 2019

In the Final Report, the Commissioner has found that, for the most part, whilst the legislative tools necessary to protect borrowers are already available, there have been significant shortcomings ...

Hayne report – first impressions
Insight 11 Feb 2019

Commissioner Hayne's recommendations may initially seem somewhat modest – they do not undo vertical integration, impose limits on executive remuneration or ban bonuses and they do not recommend that directors prefer the interests of their customers. But, while it is true that the recommendations are not radical, there is much in the report that will mean some real changes for financial services companies, their Boards and their executives, as well as for their regulators and advisers. ...

Round 3: Lending Practices to Small and Medium Enterprises
Insight 11 Feb 2019

Throughout the Royal Commission, Commissioner Hayne grappled with the difficulties of striking an appropriate balance between ensuring that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have access to credit, and imposing standards on the provision of that credit to protect SME borrowers and third-party guara ...