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Round 3: Lending Practices to Small and Medium Enterprises
Insight 11 Feb 2019

Throughout the Royal Commission, Commissioner Hayne grappled with the difficulties of striking an appropriate balance between ensuring that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have access to credit, and imposing standards on the provision of that credit to protect SME borrowers and third-party guara ...

Round 4: Experiences with financial services entities in regional and remote communities
Insight 11 Feb 2019

During the agricultural round of hearings, and in his Interim Report, the Commissioner asked if there should be special rules for farmers to address the particular challenges of the sector, and if so, who should bear the added cost? ...

Round 6: Insurance
Insight 11 Feb 2019

The sixth round of public hearings considered issues associated with the sale and design of life insurance and general insurance products, the handling of claims under life insurance and general insurance policies, and the administration of life insurance by superannuation trustees. ...

Round 2: Financial Advice
Insight 11 Feb 2019

In her summary my colleague, Michelle Levy, said her initial reaction was that the recommendations in the Final Report were modest but, on a second reading, some would set a cat among the pigeons. ...

Round 1: Experiences with consumer lending practices
Insight 11 Feb 2019

In the Final Report, the Commissioner has found that, for the most part, whilst the legislative tools necessary to protect borrowers are already available, there have been significant shortcomings in their application and enforcement. ...

Round 5: Superannuation
Insight 11 Feb 2019

Perhaps the biggest issue dealt with in the superannuation hearings is how various forms of conflicts create perverse incentives for trustees to not comply with their duties. ...

The future age of AI
Insight 01 Feb 2019

We will be able to cease speculation on what is in or not in the Final Report of the Financial Services Royal Commission on Monday evening or after whatever time it takes to read and digest ...

Productivity Commission's report on superannuation - an odd mix of recommendations
Insight 01 Feb 2019

The Productivity Commission's report on superannuation has provided an odd mix of reccomendations ranging from uncontroversial to outright bizarre, Senior Regulatory Counsel Michael Mathieson writes. ...

What's ahead for home loans in 2019
Insight 20 Dec 2018

Allens has written over the course of this year, the Royal Commission will bring and in fact already has brought monumental changes both in how banks are regulated and to the actual laws that apply ...

New APRA prudential standard raises bar for information security obligations and incident notification requirements
Insight 15 Nov 2018

As companies and regulators across the world grapple with ever-increasing cyber security threats, Australia's financial services regulator, APRA, has released the final form of a new prudential standard, which imposes heigtened security obligations for APRA-regulated entities ...