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High Court relieves anxiety with key patent decision
Insight 05 May 2022

In the latest in Australia's longest-running pharmaceutical patent term extension litigation, the High Court has found Sandoz infringed a patent, owned by Lundbeck, for a drug used to treat anxiety and depression, by selling generic products during an extended term of the patent ...

Intellectual Property rights in wartime
Insight 05 May 2022

As Russia's war on Ukraine continues to cause mass devastation to the country and its people, the response of much of the Western world, including Australia, has been to impose a series of economic sanctions against the Kremlin. ...

Parking threats of patent infringement proceedings: UbiPark v TMA Capital Australia
Insight 05 May 2022

Recently, Justice Moshinsky of the Federal Court granted an interlocutory injunction to restrain a patentee from making further threats of infringement proceedings against the customers and potential customers of an entity against whom the patentee had already made threats. Historically, interlocuto ...

'Oh why' did you copy me? 'Oh I' did no such thing - the UK High Court rules in favour of Ed Sheeran in copyright dispute
Insight 05 May 2022

The UK High Court has ruled in favour of Ed Sheeran in a copyright dispute concerning his hit song 'Shape of You'. The court held that Ed Sheeran had not, deliberately or subconsciously, copied the hook of an earlier song, 'Oh Why'. We consider this fascinating decision in more detail below. ...

Update on computer-implemented inventions
Insight 05 May 2022

Digital technologies are shaping the future. Yet, in Australia, a series of Federal Court and Australia Patent Office decisions have not upheld the patentability of computer-implemented inventions. It's hoped the High Court's Aristocrat decision will provide greater certainty for software and ...

ACCC delivers bitter pill on patent settlement
Insight 05 May 2022

The ACCC proposes to deny authorisation for a patent litigation settlement between Celgene and two generic drug companies. The decision demonstrates a hardening of the ACCC’s views against patent settlements that seek to place restrictions on market participants. ...

Australia clarifies its position on AI inventorship
Insight 20 Apr 2022

Australia has once again grappled with the vexed issue of whether patent protection should be granted for AI-generated inventions. The Full Court's decision means Australia's position on AI inventorship now aligns with that of the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, which have so far rejected AI inventorship. ...

2022-2023 Budget update – concessional tax rates expanded to agricultural sector and low emissions technology innovations
Insight 12 Apr 2022

In its 2022–23 Budget, the Federal Government announced an expansion of its proposed concessional tax rates to agricultural and low emissions technology innovations. These concessional tax rates for profits derived from eligible intellectual property are known as a 'patent box'. ...

New .au direct domain names available for registration from 24 March 2022
Insight 24 Mar 2022

Further to our last update, new .au direct domain names (eg 'allens.au' instead of 'allens.com.au') have officially launched today. Eligible applicants will have a six month window to apply for priority status to register a .au direct domain name that matches their existing .au domain name. ...

The Aboriginal Flag may have been freed, but certain restrictions on use still apply
Insight 02 Mar 2022

The Australian Government recently acquired the copyright in the Aboriginal Flag and has announced that it is 'freely available for public use'. However, it is not in fact a free-for-all, and there are some important limitations to bear in mind. ...