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Australia rules on patents for computer-implemented inventions
Insight 29 Aug 2022

The High Court of Australia has grappled with the question of when a computer-implemented invention is patentable. Unfortunately, for technology owners and implementers in this space, the bench was split evenly. By a technicality, the case (Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Patents [2022] HCA 29) was decided against the patentee. In this Insight we unpack the two High Court opinions and how these approaches compare to recent case law and Patent Office practice. ...

Software-based medical devices: key regulatory requirements, IP considerations and data privacy implications
Insight 29 Jul 2022

Software is increasingly being used as a medical device and in medical devices. It is crucial that businesses understand the regulations that can apply to software-based medical devices, the IP considerations if they wish to protect such devices and the privacy-related risks associated with the collection and use of data from such devices. This Insight explores each of these issues in turn. ...

The global crypto-assets landscape

Webinar: Crypto-assets part two ...

Crypto-assets part one

Webinar: Crypto-assets part one ...

Are your brand protection strategies ready for the metaverse?
Insight 10 Jun 2022

In this Insight, we focus on businesses looking to build or expand their brands in the metaverse, and consider some of the issues they may need to grapple with when it comes to protecting their brand rights in this brave new world. ...