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Four key principles from Sigma v Wyeth
Insight 19 Dec 2018

Justice Jagot's mammoth judgment in Sigma Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd v Wyeth sets down important principles relating to claims for damages under the usual undertaking as to damages, where an interlocutory injunction has been wrongly granted. ...

EU leads the way with counterfeit crackdown
Insight 19 Dec 2018

The European Commission has recently established the world's first counterfeit and piracy watch list, which aims to crack down on counterfeiting and piracy both within the European Union and in external suspect markets. Partner Tim Golder and Vacation Clerk Scott Sidley report. ...

Victory for software innovators as APO gets ROKTed
Insight 19 Dec 2018

Australian start-up ROKT has had a major win in the fight for software-related inventions. Senior Associate and Patent Attorney Pasquale Aliberti considers the ramifications. ...

BetEasy raises the stakes in brand war with Sportsbet
Insight 19 Dec 2018

BetEasy raises the stakes in brand war with Sportsbet In a continuing legal battle over wagering brand names. CrownBet, now known as BetEasy, is seeking cancellation of the SPORTSBET trade mark on the same grounds Sportsbet used to successfully oppose its rebranding. ...

Fairfax says it's the BOSS
Insight 19 Dec 2018

Network 10 has recently undergone a rebrand, with new channel names and logos. However, this was not without controversy, after Fairfax Media raised concerns about potential trade mark infringement. ...

Tough cheese: Top European court denies copyright protection for taste
Insight 19 Dec 2018

Dutch food company Levola attempted to claim copyright in the taste of its cheesy dip, but the European Court of Justice left it feeling blue. ...

Artificial intelligence and copyright – time to rethink authorship?
Insight 19 Dec 2018

The use of artificial intelligence for good and evil has long been the subject of fiction. However, such stories are becoming less far-fetched, raising the issue of who or what is the author of computer-created works, and whether those works are entitled to copyright protection. ...

Changes to long service leave in Victoria
Insight 09 Nov 2018

From 1 November 2018, the Long Service Leave Act 2018 (Vic) will governs long service leave in the states of Victoria. This legislation introduces significant changes which will have practical implications for employers. ...

A fait accompli: employee unfairly dismissed by labour-hire company
Insight 09 Nov 2018

The Fair Work Commission has criticised a labour-hire company for dismissing a casual employee at the direction of a host company, without asking why ...

Farm operator guilty after fatal dingo chase
Insight 09 Nov 2018

The NSW District Court decided that a farm operator was guilty of failing to provide a safe work environment after a worker died chasing a dingo. Senior Associate Tegan Ayling and Lawyer James Daniel report. ...