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i.e. versus e.g.: interpretation of enterprise agreement not ultra-literal
Insight 09 Nov 2018

An employer's misunderstanding of Latin has had harsh consequences for it in the interpretation of an enterprise agreement. Associate Victoria Eastwood reports. ...

Fishing at one's discretion – Trident Seafoods Corporation v Trident Foods Pty Limited
Insight 31 Oct 2018

In a dispute over the 'Trident' trade mark, Justice Gleeson considered that the residual reputation a subsidary held over its parent company warranted the mark remaining on the Register. ...

The importance of getting your entitlement ducks in a row
Insight 31 Oct 2018

Ownership and inventorship disputes are a hot topic before the Australian Patent Office (the APO) in 2018. Earlier this year, we reported on the APO decision in Khoury v Sherrard Pty Ltd [2018] APO 20, which highlighted the need to carefully assess the contributions of all those involved in developi ...

Our leading Intellectual Property team
Insight 31 Oct 2018

In this issue we report on a Bill amending website blocking laws compensation for Albert Namatjiras descendants for decades of missed royalties an attempt to trade mark common textspeak abbreviations amendments to the EU Copyright Directive that have been sending the Twitterverse into a frenzy how ...

A clear path for new website blocking laws
Insight 31 Oct 2018

The Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2018 (Cth) is the latest legislative development aimed at enabling copyright owners to enforce their rights in the online sphere. ...

Albert Namatjira's family wins decades-long battle for compensation
Insight 31 Oct 2018

The descendants of one of Australia's most well-known artists, Albert Namatjira, have finally received compensation for decades of missed royalties. ...

OMG, LOL – can you trademark textspeak acronyms?
Insight 31 Oct 2018

American consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble is attempting to trade mark abbreviations common to textspeak. Is this NBD, a LOL for the courts, or simply WTF? ...

The EU Copyright Directive – what you need to know
Insight 31 Oct 2018

In mid-September, the European Parliament voted to adopt changes to the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (the Copyright Directive), sending the Twitterverse into a frenzy. Described by commentators as everything from 'welcome' to 'catastrophic', the changes are designed to ensure ...

Are your employees entitled to unpaid family and domestic violence leave?
Insight 05 Sep 2018

All modern award-covered employees, including casual employees, are now entitled to a new form of leave to deal with family and domestic violence. ...

The Workpac decision – are your casuals really casual?
Insight 05 Sep 2018

The Full Federal Court in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene [2018] recently decided that a casual fly-in fly-out labour hire worker was not really a casual and was therefore entitled to annual leave. ...