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BODalicious Instafamous stars come to litigious blows
Insight 22 Feb 2018

Two sporty insta-celebrities Sophie Guidolin and Rachael Finch have clashed over the alleged trademarked term 'Bod' and who gets to use it after. ...

Changes to Australia's IP laws are on the way
Insight 22 Feb 2018

IP Australia has released draft legislation implementing the Federal Government's response to the Productivity Commission's inquiry into IP arrangements. ...

Nurofen maker in need of fast pain relief
Insight 22 Feb 2018

Paracetamol manufacturer Hence Reckitt Benckiser has discovered that inaccurate and unbalanced comparative claims that don't reflect the overall picture can cause big headaches, even where those claims have some support. ...

No relief in PBS price changes for originators seeking injunctions
Insight 22 Feb 2018

Patentees may face heightened risks when changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) take effect later this year. Special Counsel Ric Morgan and Associate Claire Gregg explain. ...

Report: Our look ahead to the private equity market in Australia
Insight 22 Feb 2018

As new funds enter the local market flexible debt funding structures become more prevalent and sponsors are forced to deploy capital in more innovative ways we expect the Australian PE market to continue to grow Private Equity Horizons 2018 reviews the PE market and looks at the trends and sectors ...

A tender approach to genetic testing
Insight 22 Feb 2018

The year has got off to a good start for innovators, with the Federal Court providing some assurance that methods of genetic testing continue to be patentable in Australia. But tender news for some can be a tough outcome for others. ...

Attorney-General announces class action inquiry
Insight 18 Dec 2017

The Attorney-General has announced that he has asked the Australian Law Reform Commission to inquire into class action proceedings and third party litigation funders The inquiry presents an important opportunity to take stock of how the class actions landscape has evolved particularly whether ...

Australian Modern Slavery Act: Final Report recommends mandatory supply chain reporting with penalties for non-compliance
Insight 14 Dec 2017

After a year-long inquiry a parliamentary committee has recommended that Australia establish a Modern Slavery Act including mandatory reporting for large businesses on modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chains The introduction of a Modern Slavery Act is set to be a game-changer with ...

What you need to know about mandatory data breach notification
Insight 11 Dec 2017

In response to the rising number of cyberattacks, new legislation has been introduced that proposes a mandatory notification regime that will take effect from February next year. ...

Using third party brands in video games: issues and opportunities
Insight 11 Dec 2017

One of the emerging battlegrounds for brand owners is video games, particularly with the growth of virtual reality applications. A recent claim made in the US illustrates how having your brand featured in a video game can be a problem - but depending on the circumstances, it could also present a com ...