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Deciphering the Australian sustainable finance taxonomy
Insight 14 Jun 2024

As capital and debt sources continue to diversify and decarbonisation becomes entrenched in corporate decision-making, Australia's first sustainable finance taxonomy (the Taxonomy) will be a critical tool in the global push towards sustainable development. ...

ASIC continues to prioritise compliance with financial hardship obligations
Insight 05 Jun 2024

Lenders need to respond effectively to hardship notices. ASIC reviewed ten large home loan lenders to understand how they are supporting customers experiencing financial hardship. ...

It's finally here – BNPL to be incorporated into the existing consumer credit regulatory framework
Insight 27 Mar 2024

In this Insight, we explain key elements of the Treasury Laws Amendment Bill 2024: Buy now, pay later (the Draft Bill) and canvass some of the issues that BNPL providers will need to consider. ...

Bidding into the Capacity Investment Scheme? Plug into our deep dive into the clean dispatchable 'CISA'
Insight 26 Mar 2024

The first standalone Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) tender round, open to clean dispatchable capacity projects in Victoria and South Australia, is now well underway. Developers, investors and lenders must stay across these rapid developments to ensure they can accurately assess the CIS opportunity ...

Safety in numbers: renewables portfolio financing in the Australian market
Insight 18 Mar 2024

In this Insight, we've set out some of the key points for consideration by sponsors and lenders when contemplating the financing of a renewables portfolio. ...

Jumping the starter's gun – what banks and clients utilising derivatives can learn from ASIC's new guidance on pre-hedging
Insight 21 Feb 2024

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has released guidance clarifying its expectations in relation to a bank, or other intermediary, pre-hedging derivative exposures.   ...

Doing business in 2024: geopolitics and global economic forces

Webinar: Doing business in 2024: geopolitics and global economic forces ...

Vietnam adopts more stringent rules on ownership in banks and their operations
Insight 01 Feb 2024

The newly passed Law on Credit Institutions 2024 (effective from 1 July 2024) will lower the ownership limits in Vietnamese credit institutions to address cross-ownership issues. It will also impose stricter ownership disclosure requirements to increase market transparency. ...

Australia - Fund Finance 2024, 8th Edition
Insight 31 Jan 2024

Fund financing activities in Australia remained strong in 2017 with particular focus on infrastructure private equity funds and private debt funds all of which took advantage of the additional liquidity and funding flexibility in this market ...

Vietnam bond investment guide
Insight 13 Dec 2023

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of corporate bonds, and discusses some key legal and practical issues for foreign investors and domestic issuers on bond transactions in Vietnam. ...