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The Allens AI Australian law benchmark

To cut through the hype and provide concrete insights, Allens has established an ongoing benchmarking process in consultation with Linklaters LLP. This allows us to systematically evaluate and track the progress of generative AI in answering legal questions under Australian law over time. ...

Lawyer or language model? Testing AI’s competence in answering Australian legal questions
Insight 28 May 2024

The last 24 months have seen generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools advance in leaps and bounds, powered by remarkable developments in large language models (LLMs). Their new capabilities are already having significant impact on the way firms operate, including the legal function. ...

Mastering IP opportunities and risks in the age of AI

Webinar: Mastering IP opportunities and risks in the age of AI ...

A step-by-step guide to assessing compromised data after a cyber incident
Insight 28 Aug 2023

This guide is designed to help you address compromised data after a cyber incident, and includes 11 key steps that cover what to do before, and after, an incident. ...

Generative AI in practice: a guide for in-house legal teams
Insight 13 Jul 2023

In-house legal teams are uniquely placed to be early adopters and champions of AI. We've designed a guide to help you and your team assess and deploy generative AI across the legal function. ...

Digital horizons: harnessing the future of technology

Technology is driving a major transformation. The opportunities you seize and the risks you mitigate now will determine your business' future. ...

Five questions on the minds of future-focused in-house counsel
Insight 06 Mar 2023

In this Insight, we explore what’s front of mind for innovative legal professionals and share some practical examples of what leading legal functions are doing to improve legal service delivery in their organisations. ...

ChatGPT in law: unlocking new opportunities while managing the risks
Insight 15 Feb 2023

As legal professionals around the globe settle into another year of work, they have been confronted by a new existential threat from OpenAI's much discussed AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Many lawyers have been asking similar questions: will my job exist this time next year? How accurate is it at answering th ...

CDR action initiation is coming – what does it mean and why does it matter?
Insight 30 Nov 2022

On 26 September 2022, the Treasury released draft legislation to enable action initiation under the national Consumer Data Right ( CDR ) regime ( AI Exposure Draft ). One month later, on 30 Novembe ...

ACCC recommends significant reforms targeting digital platforms

The ACCC's Interim Report 5 in the Digital Platform Services Inquiry (the DPSI) recommends to Treasury a number of reforms to competition and consumer laws which it considers are not currently sufficient to address harms it has identified since 2017. ...