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Build-to-rent: why our cities need the change

Webinar: Build-to-rent: why our cities need the change ...

The health and economic crisis shines a spotlight on the need for greater social and affordable housing
Insight 20 Nov 2020

The pandemic has laid bare Australia's overextended and under-invested social and affordable housing market. We look at some of the investment initiatives that have been pursued to date by the state governments. We  also suggest some regulatory and planning changes that can be made. ...

Build-to-rent: stimulating recovery, ensuring resilience
Insight 10 Nov 2020

Build-to-Rent (BTR) helps drive economic productivity, and with the right government intervention, could not only play a key role in Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19, but also ensure the future liveability and resilience of our cities. ...

Accelerating build-to-rent in Australia
Insight 29 Sep 2018

The build-to-rent (BTR) model continues to gain pace in Australia as several projects prove the local viability of this asset class. ...

Build-to-rent - structures for success
Insight 24 Aug 2018

While it is an established asset class offshore particularly the US and UK the build-to-rent market in Australia is in its infancy For build-to-rent to become an established asset class in Australia social legal tax and broader economic challenges need to be overcome Recent legislative reform and a ...