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Allens视界– 新冠病毒(COVID-19)促使FIRB体制发生重大变化
Insight 01 Apr 2020

2020年3月29日,澳大利亚联邦政府财政部长宣布对澳大利亚的外国投资审查批准(FIRB)体制进行重大修改,以应对由新型冠状病毒(COVID-19)爆发引起的风险。这些修改虽然是暂时的,但大幅度地扩展了需要获得FIRB批准的交易范围,并大大延长了FIRB申请的审查期限。 ...

China's National Carbon Market - what to expect
Insight 02 Feb 2018

China will soon have the worlds largest emissions trading scheme emstrongETSstrongem according to announcements made late last year by Chinas state planning agency the National Development and Reform Commission emstrongNDRCstrongem According to the NDRC Chinas national ETS will be operating by 2020 ...

Linklaters Insights: Getting over the line: clearing regulatory hurdles to outbound M&A
Insight 19 Sep 2017

While the pace of Chinese outbound deals has declined in 2017 Chinas long-term aspirations means that outbound investment and acquisitions from China will continue to be a significant force over the long term ...

Investor-state dispute settlement and the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
Insight 21 Nov 2014

The Australian and Chinese governments have concluded negotiations on a free trade agreement that will reduce tariff barriers on the majority of Australian exports to China The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed that the treaty will include an investor-state dispute ...

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
Insight 21 Nov 2014

After almost 10 years of negotiations between the nations on 17 November 2014 Prime Minister Abbott and President Xi announced the conclusion of negotiations on the China Australia Free Trade Agreement ChAFTA Once implemented the ChAFTA is expected to significantly reduce import barriers for ...

China's business regulatory approval reforms - further steps to market liberalisation
Insight 01 Apr 2014

The PRC Government is reforming its corporate regulatory approval processes at an unprecedented rate The changes are aimed at facilitating private sector investment including foreign direct investment in order to move towards a more market-driven economy Over the past four months new regulations ...