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Competition news
Insight 03 Oct 2018

In Touch looks at what's been happening in Competition this month and what it means for your business ...

Federal Court reverses systemic unconscionability finding against vocational education provider
Insight 02 Oct 2018

The Full Court of the Federal court of Australia has overturned a decsion of a single judge which held Unique International College had engaged in systemic unconscionable conduct with the supply of online vocational education courses to consumers in NSW. ...

Competition news
Insight 19 Sep 2018

In Touch looks at what's been happening in Competition this month and what it means for your business ...

The ESC's draft decision on first round of amendments to the Energy Retail Code
Insight 18 Sep 2018

While the Federal Government gives further consideration to implementation of the ACCCs recommendations relating to retail tariffs and retailer behaviour the Victorian Essential Services Commission has been progressing reforms proposed by the Independent Review into the Electricity and Gas Retail ...

A tangled web - the regulatory framework and its power players
Insight 10 Sep 2018

The draft legislation the Federal Government released to establish a regulatory framework for the implementation of a new Consumer Data Right will radically reform the data protection regime in Australia ...

Top 10 things to know about the Consumer Data Right
Insight 10 Sep 2018

This article lists our top 10 'need-to-know's about the proposed framework for the implementation of the Consumer Data Right, including how these key aspects are likely to play out in the banking sector and what it all means for Australian businesses going forward. ...

Show me the data! Introducing the Consumer Data Right
Insight 10 Sep 2018

On 15 August the Federal Government released exposure draft legislation that if passed will establish an economy-wide consumer-directed data transfer system The latest sprint in a marathon of reviews reports and recommendations over the past few years that have called for the adoption of some form ...

CDR: What's next?
Insight 10 Sep 2018

The release of the exposure draft of the CDR legislation marks the start of a tight turnaround in order for the legislation to be passed in March 2019 particularly as the details and associated instruments have yet to be released The CDR regime has been advertised as producing a wide range of ...

Risky business - remedies and enforcement powers for CDR breaches
Insight 10 Sep 2018

As part of the new Consumer Data Right CDR framework a new regime of offences remedies and enforcement powers will be implemented The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC will have primary oversight for the enforcement of the regime though the OAIC will handle privacy complaints in ...

The devil in the detail - observations on the scope of CDR data and the new Privacy Safeguards
Insight 10 Sep 2018

While the Consumer Data Right CDR regime is likely to benefit businesses by increasing access to greater consumer data and customers by increasing choice and competition the draft legislation leaves a lot of the details to be finalised at a later date primarily through the Australian Competition and ...