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Will the Australian food regulator change its tuna?
Insight 12 Aug 2019

From milk to meat and from chicken to tuna, the global animal-based food industry has been asking 'what's in a name?' in the context of the policy debate over the regulation of vegan alternatives t ...

Jump Swim in deep water over alleged misleading conduct; new guidelines offer tips for avoiding gun jumping; and ACCC bleats at goat cheese RPM notification.
Insight 27 Jun 2019

The ACCC alleges that Jump Swim's promotional material contained false or misleading representations that prospective Jump Swim School franchisees would have an operational swim school within 12 months of signing a franchise agreement ...

A grape result – exporter of copycat Penfolds wines ordered to pay
Insight 25 Jun 2019

Companies exporting wine labelled with the Chinese equivalent of Australia's famous Penfolds brand have been ordered to pay more than $350,000 in damages for trade mark infringement. ...

Meat marks update
Insight 17 Dec 2018

Two recent trade mark disputes in the meat industry illustrate that even where marks share similar elements, they are unlikely to be deceptively similar if the overall impression created by each ma ...

Food fraud and technology - opportunities and limitations
Insight 17 Dec 2018

The high-profile ‘fake honey’ scandal has made food fraud front-page news in Australia in 2018. With the ACCC having now concluded its honey investigation, due to ‘testing uncertainty’, we explore ...

Measuring ‘spilt milk’
Insight 17 Dec 2018

Can food and beverage industry participants be found to have engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct for failure to comply with aspects of relevant regulatory regimes? The Federal Court has ...

Troubled waters
Insight 17 Dec 2018

It can be troubled waters all round when an offshore giant attempts to take on a longstanding local user of a mark.  ...

Competition news
Insight 19 Sep 2018

ACCC updates misuse of market power guidelines The ACCC has released updated guidelines for navigating the amended prohibition on the misuse of market power. These updates follow the release of ...

New Zealand tightens its belt on high-calorie advertising to youth
Insight 22 Jul 2018

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority has been enforcing a new code since October 2017 that governs all advertising targeted to children and young people. It outlines specific rules for ...

Rethinking ‘natural’ history
Insight 22 Jul 2018

Is there more than one reason to call a product ‘natural’? The Full Court of the Federal Court thinks so, overturning Justice Katzmann’s finding that it is misleading to describe a product as ...