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Beverage get-up round-up
Insight 22 Jul 2018

Recent Federal Court beverage cases illustrate the challenges involved in protecting and enforcing secondary marks on food and beverage product packaging. We review two cases serving as cautionary ...

How will the food & groceries market adjust to the rise of digital platforms?
Insight 22 Jul 2018

Digital platforms, such as Amazon, have the potential to transform the food and grocery industry. The amended misuse of market power provision aims to protect smaller competitors without stifling ...

Competition news
Insight 18 Jul 2018

ACCC commences surveillance of country of origin food labelling On 1 July 2018, country of origin food labelling requirements under the Australian Consumer Law became mandatory. The ACCC has stated ...

Big Kiwi fights Chicken Little
Insight 19 Dec 2017

Is it misleading to use the term ‘chicken’ in relation to a vegetarian substitute for chicken? The Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand seem to think so.  ...

Full Federal Court eggsplains the operation of cartel laws
Insight 19 Dec 2017

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia recently dismissed the ACCC’s allegations that the Australian Egg Corporation Limited and others had attempted to enter into a cartel arrangement or ...

Wine Equalisation Tax producer rebate changes: what you need to know
Insight 19 Dec 2017

Taxpayers connected with the wine industry need to be aware of recent and upcoming changes to the Wine Equalisation Tax rules, including in relation to the operation of the producer rebate regime. ...

It’s only ‘natural’
Insight 19 Dec 2017

While considering hair oils, cosmetics and trade marks, Justice Katzmann may have inadvertently given the food industry something to worry about by proposing that natural ingredients cannot be ...

Competition news
Insight 15 Aug 2017

Changes to competition law and merger process Controversial reforms of Australia's 'misuse of market power' law have passed the Senate and the House of Representatives with minor amendments, ...

Australian Consumer Law Review: what you need to know
Insight 26 Jul 2017

A major review of the effectiveness of the Australian Consumer Law has now been completed with the release of the Final Report by Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand. Consumer Affairs ...

Finger buns get a thumbs down from Advertising Standards Board
Insight 26 Jul 2017

What can a simple complaint about an advertisement for finger buns tell us about shifting community standards? A lot (we think). We think growing community scepticism of sugar has made its way into ...