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Is it finally safe to eat frozen berries?
Insight 26 Jul 2017

The frozen berries contamination scare that unfolded in 2015 and its 2017 repeat has exposed a regulatory gap at the Australian border. That incident has prompted the introduction of the Imported ...

Competition news
Insight 19 Jul 2017

Tobacco companies denied boycott The ACCC has denied authorisation to a group of tobacco companies which had sought approval to boycott retailers they believed to be supplying illicit or illegal ...

The Mark of Milk and Money: a2 vs Lion
Insight 21 Dec 2016

The widely reported dispute between The a2 Milk Company and Lion about their milk advertising is proving to be a frothy fight, providing food manufacturers with valuable lessons, even before a ...

Heinz Shredz: ACCC takes it first swing against the sweet stuff
Insight 21 Dec 2016

Associate Adrian Chang and Lawyer Nick Boyd‑Caine report on the proceedings launched by the ACCC against Heinz in relation to their Shredz products, and what that action says about today’s food ...

The new safe harbour provisions for country of origin claims
Insight 21 Dec 2016

With the new Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard's two‑year transition period ticking down manufacturers will no doubt be busy aligning their food packaging with its requirements. ...

The CoOL change is here
Insight 07 Jul 2016

We provide an update on the new Country of Origin Labelling regime which came into effect on 1 July 2016 and the Federal Government’s proposed changes to the safe harbour provisions under the ...

The new FDA nutrition information panel guidelines
Insight 07 Jul 2016

We report on the new FDA guidelines regarding nutrition information labels for packaged foods sold in the USA. ...

Food imports and the Biosecurity Act: What’s changed
Insight 07 Jul 2016

We report on recent changes to the law relating to the importation of food into Australia, introduced by the commencement of the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth). ...

To bee, or not to bee… Generalised health claims under the Food Standards Code?
Insight 07 Jul 2016

The New Zealand Court of Appeal considered an application by a honey producer seeking a declaration that the labelling of its honey products complied with the requirements for nutrition, health and ...

Food Law Bulletin
Insight 05 Sep 2014

We look at the ACCC's current enforcement activities on credence claims in food labelling; the development of a national information standard for the contentious area of 'free-range' eggs in light ...