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ASIC extends by a further year licensing relief for foreign financial service providers
Insight 03 Oct 2018

The recent ASIC Corporations Amendment Instrument 2018807 extends by a further year licensing relief for foreign financial service providers who carry on a financial services business in Australia without an Australian financial services licence While its another welcome licensing reprieve for such ...

Royal Commission: Round 2 - experiences with financial advice
Insight 02 Oct 2018

Although the Commissioner says that the Royal Commission is part of the executive and not the judiciary and that he is therefore not able to make any findings of law he comes pretty close in his views in response to Round 2 And in some important respects those views do not correspond with ...

Are CCIVS the beginning of the end for the Unit Trust's monopoly?
Insight 19 Sep 2018

The Federal Government has proposed to introduce two new forms of collective investment vehicle – each a shiny, tax-neutral alternative to the unit trust. ...

Expert review into fees and costs disclosure - further changes ahead
Insight 20 Aug 2018

Many of you will be familiar with the long and tortured history of fees and costs disclosure regulation in Australia. The most recent set of issues can be traced back to 2014 when ASIC tried to address what it considered to be gaps in and inconsistent application of the former regime ...

Corporate law developments
Insight 08 Aug 2018

Welcome to our monthly snapshot of regulatory updates and other developments in corporate law We know you are busy so our focus is on capturing key issues ...

Report: An update on our predictions for the year ahead across the private equity market
Insight 25 Jul 2018

The first half of 2018 has seen a flurry of public-to-private activity that should continue to keep dealmakers busy for the remainder of the calendar year However the mountain of dry powder competing for limited quality investment opportunities remains an issue that has prompted a diversification in ...

Australian Financial Complaints Authority: a 'one-stop-shop' for financial dispute resolution
Insight 19 Jul 2018

The new Australian Financial Complaints Authority is to replace each of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Credit and Investments Ombudsman in November 2018 ...

Where we are with superannuation retirement income changes
Insight 19 Jul 2018

The Government has slowly been changing the superannuation retirement income system with the aim of increasing the range of retirement products available to Australians A number of changes have already been implemented and more are to come with the proposed Comprehensive Income Products for ...

Update on the Royal Commission
Insight 19 Jul 2018

Have you been wondering what the Royal Commission will make of the numerous witness statements and vast amounts of other information collected from superannuation trustees in recent times You will find out soon enough But first there are some curiosities from the Round Four hearings to consider - ...

What might the PC review into superannuation mean for fund investments?
Insight 22 Jun 2018

The Productivity Commission Draft Report into the Efficiency and Competitiveness of Australias superannuation system weighing in at a substantial 549 pages contains a treasure trove of information on and analysis of a wide range of aspects of the industry ...