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New 12th edition Nice Classification comes into force 1 January 2023
Insight 21 Dec 2022

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has announced that the 12th edition of the Nice Classification – the international system for classifying goods and services for registering trade marks – will come into force in the new year, on 1 January 2023. ...

Italy targets Australian prosecco and Kraft parmesan cheese
Insight 21 Dec 2022

Australia and the European Union (the EU) continue to negotiate a free trade agreement (FTA), including as to whether Australian businesses will be prevented from using over 200 food and beverage names. ...

The Copyright Enforcement Review: what you need to know about the latest inquiry into Australian copyright law
Insight 21 Dec 2022

The federal Attorney-General's Department's review of copyright enforcement in Australia will consider existing and emerging issues with the copyright enforcement regime in Australia, with a particular focus, it seems, on the role of digital platforms. ...

The Australian Government reframes (and slightly narrows) its public licence of the Aboriginal Flag
Insight 14 Dec 2022

If you are considering using the Aboriginal Flag in your marketing and advertising, or otherwise as part of your business, keep the new restrictions in mind. ...

Leveraging IP in a future minerals world
Insight 08 Dec 2022

Future minerals, such as lithium, copper, nickel and rare earths, are critical to many clean energy technologies and the transition to renewable energy solutions. ...

Patenting clinical stage inventions: beware of clinical trial disclosures
Insight 25 Nov 2022

Publicly available clinical trial information can form part of the prior art base and pose a significant risk to a patent or patent application. ...

Franchise disclosure register - complete your profile now!
Insight 11 Nov 2022

Most franchisors in Australia are required to have registered on the new Franchise Disclosure Register (Register) by Monday 14 November 2022. We briefly summarise the obligations that franchisors must meet before the Register goes live on Tuesday 15 November 2022. ...

From Sleeping Giant to Awakening Giant – ANDHealth Report on the Australian Digital Health Sector
Insight 01 Nov 2022

ANDHealth recently launched its detailed report on the state of the Australian digital health sector, The Awakening Giant: The Rise of Australia's Evidence-Based Digital Health Sector. In this Insight we summarise some of the key takeaways from the report, including key trends and challenges for the Australian market. ...

Microsoft's IP case goes out the window
Insight 28 Oct 2022

The most recent decision regarding the six-year intellectual property dispute between Microsoft Corporation and computer retailer and wholesaler CPL serves as a warning about the importance of obtaining all appropriate licences when installing third party software. ...

Non-Scotch whisky scotched again
Insight 28 Oct 2022

The Scotch Whisky Association (the SWA) has again successfully enforced its certification trade mark for 'SCOTCH WHISKY' in Australia. Although Australia does not currently have a separate system for protecting geographical indications (GIs) other than for wines, GIs can (and often are) protected as ...