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LNG destination clauses under scrutiny by Japanese competition regulator
Insight 07 Sep 2016

Part of the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industrys strategy for LNG market development which aims to achieve stability in LNG supply and lower prices is to abolish or relax destination clauses with the view that this would lead to lower prices through increased reselling and arbitrage ...

The beginning of the end of the unit trust's monopoly? A look at corporate CIVs
Insight 04 Sep 2015

The Board of Taxations report on tax arrangements applying to collective investment vehicles advocates extending tax neutrality to three additional collective investment vehicles corporates modelled on the Luxembourg SICAV limited partnerships and common contractual funds In this issue we examine ...

Implementing Australia's free trade commitments with Japan, Korea and Chile
Insight 06 Nov 2014

The Commonwealth has recently made regulation to implement Australias commitments under its free trade agreements with Japan Korea and Chile which will ease certain foreign investment review and life insurance business regulations for investors from those countries Japan Sector Leader and Partner ...

Japan and Australia - a new era of opportunity
Insight 11 Jul 2014

This weeks historic visit to Australia by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been widely lauded as the beginning of a new era in the relationship between the two countries Japan Sector Leader and Partner Tim Lester and Senior Associate Penny Alexander report on the opportunities this new ...

The Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement
Insight 15 Apr 2014

Australia and japan have enetered into an economic partnership agreement to reducel tariff barriers on the majority of Australian exports to Japan. In contrast to the recently concluded Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement, it does not include an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism. ...

Asia Pacific international arbitration update
Insight 09 Apr 2014

We look at the inclusion of investor-state arbitration provisions in the recent Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement and the possible inclusion of such provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership a Singapore Court of Appeal decision that means parties challenging the jurisdiction of a tribunal have ...