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A new enforcement landscape for Australian corporations in 2019 and beyond
Insight 10 Dec 2018

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking Superannuation and Financial Services Industry Interim Report and a raft of announcements at the federal level over the past 12 months point clearly to a more robust enforcement environment for corporate Australia in 2019 and beyond Partner Paul ...

Report: Class Action Risk 2018
Insight 26 Nov 2018

Class action risk continues to increase and is becoming more complex than ever before. Assessing this risk for your organisation is extraordinarily challenging and requires a broad-based perspective of the broader class actions landscape. ...

Competing class actions - no 'one size fits all' solution
Insight 22 Nov 2018

The Full Federal Court has held that when the court is faced with multiple competing class actions in relation to the same issue it can choose one to proceed and stay the others In doing so it said that there is no one size fits all solution to the problem of competing class actions and that ...

International Arbitration - Australian courts' power to grant interim freezing orders
Insight 02 Nov 2018

The WA Court of Appeal has taken an expansive view of the power that Australian courts have to grant interim orders in support of international arbitrations. ...

A development from the English Court of Appeal regarding legal professional privilege in internal investigations
Insight 02 Oct 2018

In a recent judgment the English Court of Appeal reversed a controversial High Court decision that had severely limited the application of legal professional privilege in internal investigations under English law The decision has consequences for Australian corporates conducting cross-border ...

The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme - from Bill to Law
Insight 10 Sep 2018

The Federal Government recently passed the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act This is an entirely new regulatory scheme that will require persons who undertake activities on behalf of a foreign government or political organisation to register with the Attorney Generals Department if those ...

Are your employees entitled to unpaid family and domestic violence leave?
Insight 05 Sep 2018

All modern award-covered employees, including casual employees, are now entitled to a new form of leave to deal with family and domestic violence. ...

The Workpac decision – are your casuals really casual?
Insight 05 Sep 2018

The Full Federal Court in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene [2018] recently decided that a casual fly-in fly-out labour hire worker was not really a casual and was therefore entitled to annual leave. ...

Confidentiality lost in court – restraining an independent contractor
Insight 05 Sep 2018

An independent contractor kept and used a client list, but the New South Wales Court of Appeal decided the list had lost its confidentiality because it had been disclosed in court. ...

Does casuals' service count for redundancy pay purposes?
Insight 05 Sep 2018

A Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has again considered the issue of whether prior service as a casual or seasonal worker counts as service when calculating redundancy pay, and found that such prior service need not be recognised. ...