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Allens Accelerate: FAQs: Shareholders agreements
Insight 15 Jun 2016

Together with your companys constitution a shareholders agreement provides the foundation for the corporate governance of your startup and outlines what a shareholder can and cant do It also sets out the shareholders rights and obligations and their role in the management of the company ...

Allens Accelerate: Preparing for investment
Insight 08 Jun 2016

As a startup looking to raise capital youll most likely spend a fair bit of time thinking about your pitch to potential investors and if youre lucky the terms of any investment ...

Allens Accelerate: The startup investor tax concessions - what you need to know
Insight 22 Mar 2016

The Federal Government has introduced a Bill detailing tax concessions to incentivise investment into Australian startups ...

Fact sheet: Show me the money: Tax reforms to encourage investment in startups
Insight 10 Dec 2015

The Ideas Boom has arrived with the Federal Governments National Innovation and Science Agenda Central to the new agenda are a raft of tax and regulatory measures designed to encourage greater investment in startups to help them both get off the ground and to survive the valley of death with greater ...

Allens Accelerate: Get ready for the #IdeasBoom!
Insight 08 Dec 2015

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has unveiled the hotly awaited National Innovation and Science Agenda NISA The Prime Minister declared the beginning of the Ideas Boom stating that unlike the mining boom this is a boom that can continue forever The NISA comprises more than 20 individual policies and ...

Fact sheet: Starting-up smart: How to get the most out of your lawyer, for less
Insight 19 Oct 2015

If youre focused on testing your idea developing your product and scraping together enough funds to talk to foundation customers engaging a lawyer could be the last thing on your mind ...

Fact sheet: Crowd-sourced equity funding - can you access it?
Insight 06 Oct 2015

The new Turnbull Cabinet has made clear its intention to support innovation so that Australia can have a thriving economy The Treasury has already done some work in this area releasing a consultation paper on crowd-sourcing equity funding CSEF for startups and small business ...

Fact sheet: The term sheet decoded
Insight 24 Sep 2015

The term sheet is the key document that determines the basis on which VCs and other investors will invest in your startup This means that its crucial to get the basics right from the outset ...

Fact sheet: Growing your team: working with interns in your startup
Insight 28 Jul 2015

Many startups look to grow their team by engaging interns work experience students and other unpaid workers ...