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Coming clean and staying clean: continuous disclosure obligations in the age of the data breach
Insight 22 Jan 2018

Historically, shareholders have appeared unfazed by news of cyber attacks, with the vast majority of them having only a very minor and short-term impact on share prices. However, a recent study by ...

The Australian Cyber Security Centre's 2017 Threat Report
Insight 22 Jan 2018

In October, the Australian Cyber Security Centre released its 2017 Threat Report , reflecting on the previous year in cyber security. This annual report addresses the current challenges and emergin ...

OAIC concludes investigation into Precedent Communications
Insight 22 Jan 2018

In October 2016, a one-off human error by a Precedent Communications employee led to a massive data breach that rocked the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. The Australian Information and Privacy ...

Ambush marketing: traders beware!
Insight 11 Dec 2017

Everyone knows the famous adage that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. But can the friend of my friend be my enemy? In the context of ambush marketing, the answer can be yes. Associate Julia ...

Looks can be deceiving: deceptive similarity, substantial identity and trade mark infringement
Insight 11 Dec 2017

One limb of trade mark infringement is that the allegedly infringing mark must either be substantially identical, or deceptively similar, to an existing trade mark registration. What does that mean ...

Reasonable belief or a mere suspicion? Full Court lowers the bar on preliminary discovery applications
Insight 11 Dec 2017

The Full Federal Court has handed down a significant decision on preliminary discovery in a result that will be welcomed by IP owners, as the court has clarified the requirements for a successful ...

Room for Improvement? Big Data challenges in Health
Insight 11 Dec 2017

'Big data' is revolutionising approaches in all major industries, including the health sector, but Australia's current privacy framework lacks flexibility, and there is insufficient guidance to ...

Using third party brands in video games: issues and opportunities
Insight 11 Dec 2017

One of the emerging battlegrounds for brand owners is video games, particularly with the growth of virtual reality applications. A recent claim made in the US illustrates how having your brand ...

What you need to know about mandatory data breach notification
Insight 11 Dec 2017

In response to the rising number of cyberattacks, new legislation has been introduced that proposes a mandatory notification regime that will take effect from February next year. Lawyer Mohamed ...

Corporate law developments
Insight 05 Dec 2017

Welcome to our monthly snapshot of regulatory updates and other developments in corporate law. We know you are busy, so our focus is on capturing key issues. We'd love to hear from you. Please do l ...