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Competition news
Insight 22 Nov 2017

In Touch looks at what's been happening in Competition this month and what it means for your business ...

New EU rules raise the bar for data security
Insight 16 Oct 2017

The EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR which will apply from May 2018 includes enhanced data security requirements and obligations to notify regulators and individuals of data breaches A failure to comply with key provisions may lead to a fine of up to euro20 million or 4 per cent of global ...

How to create a cyber resilient supply chain
Insight 16 Oct 2017

What do the Australian Department of Defence Target Verizon and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service have in common They all suffered massive data breaches linked to a failure in their supply chain These breaches are a good reminder that with so much attention directed at securing your ...

Blockchain reaction update - ASIC joins chorus on ICO regulation
Insight 03 Oct 2017

While ASIC has published information on the issue of coins or tokens in initial coin offerings other regulators around the world have also been issuing guidance with some taking a much more restrictive approach Although Australia remains a relatively friendly regulatory environment for such ...

Spotlight: Cyber breach at Target
Insight 05 Sep 2017

There's a joke in the cyber security industry that there are two types of companies: those that know they have been hacked, and those that haven't yet found out. In November 2013, Target Corporation in the US learned this the hard way when it was told by law enforcement agencies that it had been sub ...

Directors' duties and cyber resilience
Insight 05 Sep 2017

The Target data breach brought the liability of boards and directors in relation to cyber resilience into focus. Target's shareholders brought litigation against all of its directors, the chief financial officer and the chief information officer due to what was perceived as recklessness and disregar ...

Incoming Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme
Insight 05 Sep 2017

There is no current legal obligation under the Privacy Act to notify either the Privacy Commissioner or affected individuals where you suffer a data breach. However, mandatory data breach notification laws will take effect in Australia from 22 February 2018. ...

NSW to bolster cyber security
Insight 05 Sep 2017

The NSW Government has recently announced a new $11.4 million investment to address emerging technology challenges including cyber security. ...