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The M&A Conference 2023

Webinar: The M&A Conference 2023 ...

MAC conditions: more disclosure but no real change to market practice
Insight 16 Aug 2023

MAC conditions have long been a feature of managing completion risk in public M&A transactions in Australia—utilising triggers based on either or both quantitative and qualitative measures. However, in 2022 ASIC published its concerns on the formulation of these conditions and, in particular, its expectation that MAC conditions include objective and 'quantifiable' triggers. ...

Fundraising – making the most of convertible notes
Insight 27 Jul 2023

A noticeable fundraising trend in the first half of calendar year 2023 has been ASX-listed entities issuing convertible notes to strategic investors – which has caught the ASX's attention. In this Insight, we explain what potential issuers and investors need to know when issuing convertible notes. ...

Closing valuation gaps, unlocking value
Insight 19 Jul 2023

The current Australian M&A landscape continues to be marked by a tough valuation environment, with bid-ask spreads, interest rate uncertainty and an uncertain macroeconomic backdrop making completion of transactions difficult. ...

Key considerations for customer-owned bank mergers
Insight 03 Jul 2023

The consolidation of the mutual banking sector in Australia, as evidenced by recent mergers involving four of the country's largest customer-owned banks, is a response to competitive pressures and the need to scale technology, funding and compliance costs. ...

Swaps over choppy waters: deal contingent derivatives provide certainty in uncertain times
Insight 19 Jun 2023

In this Insight, we examine deal contingent derivatives, with a particular focus on their benefits over other financial risk mitigation tools such as swaptions and forward starting swaps. ...

Management Equity Plans (MEPs) and their key considerations
Insight 02 May 2023

In this Insight, we explore common structures and key tax and securities law considerations. ...

Recalibration of the ACCC's approach to merger reform
Insight 21 Apr 2023

In this Insight, we explain these further details and how the proposed reforms have changed since first being raised in 2021. ...

Key issues in designing a mandatory merger regime for a modern economy

In this Insight, we examine what the ACCC has put forward so far and the implications, drawing on the experience and architecture of regimes overseas. ...