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Heralding in a new era – PNG's arbitration regime
Insight 14 Mar 2024

The Papua New Guinea National Parliament recently passed legislation that offers a revamped and modern legal framework to entities seeking to resolve their domestic and/or international commercial disputes through arbitration. ...

Changes to the PNG Companies Act: Re-registration
Insight 28 Mar 2023

The Amendment came into operation and started the clock ticking for all existing companies to apply for re-registration by 1 December 2023, or risk being de-registered. But there is a hidden trick to re-registration that all companies must be aware of, and should prepare for. ...

Toksave - PNG regulatory update: Company re-registration changes and other developments
Insight 10 Mar 2023

'Toksave' is PNG Pidgin for 'news', and since we know you are busy, our focus is on capturing the key issues and updates for you. We'd love to hear from you. Please let us know if you need more ...

Transacting at the speed of paper – PNG's Electronic Transactions Act
Insight 01 Sep 2022

The commencement of the Electronic Transactions Act 2021 (the ETA) is a major policy and regulatory milestone in the development of PNG's digital economy. However, there remain a number of legal and administrative obstacles that will continue to cast a shadow over the reach and effectiveness of the ETA for many PNG businesses.   ...

Toksave - PNG regulatory update: Strata Title law passed by PNG Parliament and other developments
Insight 21 Apr 2022

Strata Title law passed by PNG parliament; Moratorium has been placed on all Voluntary Carbon Market Projects in PNG; ICCC commences review of Electricity Regulatory Contract; Dates have been set for the National General Elections; Electronic Transactions Act passed and certified. ...

New PNG Energy laws commence
Insight 20 Jul 2021

The commencement of the National Energy Authority Act 2020 and the Electricity Industry (Amendment) Act 2020 mean important changes in the electricity industry in PNG. In this Insight we review the key changes and assess their impact ...

Changes in PNG's energy laws
Insight 13 May 2021

On 21 April 2021, the PNG Parliament passed the National Energy Authority Act 2020 and the Electricity Industry (Amendment) Act 2020. In this Insight we examine the changes made and assess their likely impact on the energy industry. ...

Toksave - PNG regulatory update: Twinza suspends Pasca A offshore operations and other developments
Insight 07 May 2021

Twinza suspends Pasca A offshore operations; public consultation on new Digital Transformation Bill commences; Parliament adjourned to August 2021; and other developments ...

Papua New Guinea votes to establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption
Insight 27 Nov 2020

On 12 November 2020, Papua New Guinea's (PNG) Parliament unanimously passed a Bill to establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Almost a decade in the making, the successful passage of the Bill is a significant milestone in progressing PNG's anti-corruption agenda. ...

Amendments to PNG Mining Act and Oil and Gas Act
Insight 18 Jun 2020

The Parliament of PNG has passed a series of amendments targeting the mining, oil and gas industries. We examine the significance of these amendments and the likely next steps.  ...