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Spring overhaul of Australia's market licensing regime
Insight 04 Oct 2017

Australias market licensing regime has long been crying out for an overhaul with regulatory guidance that largely dates back to the early 2000s struggling in the face of significant developments in financial markets since then Fortunately ASIC has taken heed and is due to release an updated market ...

2017 Budget: increased scrutiny on competition in the financial system
Insight 07 Jun 2017

The financial services sector has been under scrutiny for some time with many different voices clamouring for further regulation or inquiries in a sector that is already highly regulated The recent Federal Budget included a number of measures focused on the state of competition in the financial ...

The efficacy of e-signatures
Insight 08 Apr 2017

Allens has adopted e-signature using DocuSign as a service to clients. Senior Finance Counsel Diccon Loxton has written an article in two parts that examines the efficacy of e-signatures. ...

Blockchain and why smart contracts still need smart lawyers
Insight 06 Jul 2016

There has been so much talk about blockchain and distributed ledger technology recently especially in financial services that you might be forgiven for thinking it might be more hype than substance But we think it could be very important technology ...

Providing digital financial product advice to retail clients
Insight 05 Apr 2016

ASIC is consulting on a new regulatory guide for providers of digital financial product advice or robo-advice The regulatory guide is intended to help new entrants and existing Australian financial services licence holders For new entrants and licensees needing a reminder there is a nice summary of ...

Bitter Harvest yields fertile ground for MIS reform
Insight 05 Apr 2016

Last month the Senate Economics References Committee handed down its long-awaited report on the structure and development of agribusiness-managed investment schemes The Committees inquiry into agribusiness schemes had been instigated in June 2014 by Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson While there had ...

Government launches innovation agenda - now wait for the ideas boom
Insight 08 Dec 2015

You might be getting tired of all of the talk about innovation and keen to see some of it actually happen The Governments recent announcements could help but there is a long way to go before the mining boom becomes the ideas boom ...

FSI outcomes - what will happen and when?
Insight 08 Dec 2015

Are you interested in the financial system and how it is regulated The Federal Governments response to the Financial System Inquiry was recently handed down but it can be hard to work out where exactly things are heading We have put together a table that sets out what is likely to happen and when ...

Financial System Inquiry: where are we at?
Insight 05 Aug 2015

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey released the Financial System Inquiry report on 7 December 2014 saying that the report I release today delivers on our election commitment and lays out a blueprint for the financial system over the next decade And he is right - the Government did as promised commission ...

The rise of 'robo advice'
Insight 06 May 2015

Robo advice is another one of these phrases that we are suddenly seeing everywhere The idea offers some exciting opportunities for advice providers What are the regulatory issues And how can lawyers help ...