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Exposure draft legislation for Australian 'hybrid mismatch rules' released
Insight 01 Dec 2017

Treasury has released for consultation exposure draft legislation to introduce new rules to neutralise the effects of hybrid mismatch arrangements in accordance with Action Item 2 of the OECDG20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project Multinational groups with cross-border arrangements or proposing ...

Getting the deal through: Project Finance 2018
Insight 20 Oct 2017

Allens Partners Michael Ryan and Ben Farnsworth discuss some of the issues relevant to project finance in an Australian context including security packages navigating the Personal Property Security Register and foreign investment issues in their contribution to this global project finance roundup ...

Multisource financing: Making multiple options work
Insight 19 Oct 2017

In an environment where Australian issuers especially from the infrastructure sector are actively seeking diversified funding options two Allens Partners - James Darcy and Scott McCoy - discuss the key structuring considerations for issuers and sponsors wishing to establish debt platforms to access ...

Vietnam opens its debt trading market to foreign investors
Insight 01 Sep 2017

Recent years have seen players in the Vietnamese banking sector making extensive efforts to recover non-performing loans or bad debts The Government has issued new regulations to improve the processes for recovering and handling bad debt in Vietnam and has implemented a framework to facilitate the ...

Amendments to PPS lease law - what you need to know
Insight 22 May 2017

This Insight considers the effect of amendments to the Personal Property Securities regime, which are designed to reduce the PPSAs impact on the equipment hiring industry. ...

Forge-ing ahead - the treatment of fixtures under the PPSA
Insight 21 Feb 2017

Under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth), the Court of Appeal have confirmed that 'fixtures' are to be understood in the same way as at general law and the same common law test applies to determining whether goods affixed to land have become fixtures. ...

Take care! Court confirms the devil in the details for PPSA registrations
Insight 10 Feb 2017

In a recent case a leasing company lost 23 million worth of leased equipment because it had registered the lease against the lessee companys ABN rather than its ACN - involving just two extra digits The equipment vested in the lessee company when it went into voluntary administration The court ...

PPS deregulation measures to take effect
Insight 29 Sep 2015

From 1 October 2015 short-term leases of serial numbered goods will no longer be deemed security interests under the PPSA Businesses should review their current PPS policies and where appropriate implement changes to processes as Partner Karla Fraser and Lawyer Katharine Ward explain ...

PPS deregulation measures one step closer
Insight 09 Jul 2015

A long-awaited change designed to reduce the compliance burden for security interests arising from short-term leases of serial numbered goods is one step closer to becoming law Partner Karla Fraser and Law Graduate Katharine Ward report ...

The disallowance of the FoFA Streamlining Regulation - what has been missed in all the noise?
Insight 03 Dec 2014

The Senates disallowance of the Corporations Amendment Streamlining Future of Financial Advice Regulation 2014 was messy However the same could be said of the process by which FoFA was originally enacted ...