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Update on the Royal Commission
Insight 19 Jul 2018

Have you been wondering what the Royal Commission will make of the numerous witness statements and vast amounts of other information collected from superannuation trustees in recent times You will find out soon enough But first there are some curiosities from the Round Four hearings to consider - ...

Australian Financial Complaints Authority: a 'one-stop-shop' for financial dispute resolution
Insight 19 Jul 2018

The new Australian Financial Complaints Authority is to replace each of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Credit and Investments Ombudsman in November 2018 ...

What might the PC review into superannuation mean for fund investments?
Insight 22 Jun 2018

The Productivity Commission Draft Report into the Efficiency and Competitiveness of Australias superannuation system weighing in at a substantial 549 pages contains a treasure trove of information on and analysis of a wide range of aspects of the industry ...

Update on the Royal Commission
Insight 22 Jun 2018

A lot has happened since our most recent update The Royal Commission has published the submissions received from ASIC and industry participants on policy questions posed by Counsel Assisting at the end of the financial advice hearings And the small business lending hearings have been held ...

Royal Commission update
Insight 15 May 2018

The hearings in the Financial Services Royal Commission have been compulsory viewing not only for financial services industry participants and their regulators and professional service providers The hearings have exposed wide-ranging actual or alleged wrongful conduct that has captured the attention ...

2018-19 Federal Budget - superannuation
Insight 15 May 2018

The 2018-19 Federal Budget has introduced a number of proposed superannuation-related changes, with a focus on protecting small balances, young members and existing retirees. ...

ASIC's sanctions and powers to be strengthened
Insight 23 Apr 2018

The Federal Government has announced that it proposes to strengthen ASICs powers and to increase the severity of penalties civil and criminal that can be imposed on individuals and corporations in line with the ASIC Enforcement Review Taskforces recommendations Partner Rachel Nicolson and Senior ...

The Royal Commission heats up
Insight 09 Apr 2018

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking Superannuation and Financial Services Industry is well underway with its first round of public hearings wrapping up less than a month ago By reference to a number of case studies the first round of hearings focused on consumer lending practices In ...

Personal advice and the best interests duty
Insight 21 Mar 2018

There has been a great deal of attention given to the meanings of financial product advice and personal advice in the Corporations Act and many of us are eagerly waiting to see what Justice Gleeson will say about the topic in the case ASIC has brought against the BT trustees. ...

Superannuation reform - the year ahead in 2018
Insight 20 Feb 2018

2017 was a busy year in superannuation The Allens superannuation team takes stock of the legislative and regulatory reform proposals that have been mooted for 2018 and gazes into the crystal ball to see what might lie ahead this year ...