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Allens视界– 新冠病毒(COVID-19)促使FIRB体制发生重大变化
Insight 01 Apr 2020

2020年3月29日,澳大利亚联邦政府财政部长宣布对澳大利亚的外国投资审查批准(FIRB)体制进行重大修改,以应对由新型冠状病毒(COVID-19)爆发引起的风险。这些修改虽然是暂时的,但大幅度地扩展了需要获得FIRB批准的交易范围,并大大延长了FIRB申请的审查期限。 ...

Peer-to-peer lending in Vietnam
Insight 30 Jul 2019

With technology and artificial intelligence gradually taking over the traditional banking and finance market, it is inevitable that Vietnam, a country with a population of 96 million and a 70% ...

Australian investor wins big at ICSID
Insight 24 Jul 2019

In a landmark decision, the Government of Pakistan has been ordered to pay $US5.84 billion ($A8.3 billion) to Australian mining company Tethyan Copper Company after its application for a mining lea ...

Renewables in Vietnam
Insight 22 May 2019

The demand for electricity in Vietnam is rising rapidly to power the growing economy. Forcasts predict an annual growth rate for electricity of 'near-double' digits in the years to come. To keep pace with demand, the Government has envisioned substantial expansion to the national power generation ca ...

New Decree on labour outsourcing services
Insight 13 May 2019

Taking effect from 5 May 2019, a new Decree on labour outsourcing services has been introduced with changes including a relaxation of licence application conditions, and the imposition of further restrictions in relation to the deposit aimed at providing greater protection for contract employees. ...

China's National Carbon Market - one step forward
Insight 26 Apr 2019

Draft legislation revealing the intended coverage and mechanics of Chinas national emissions trading scheme which is due to commence operation within a year has been released for public consultation until 2 May Partner Jillian Button and Associate Shona Shang report on its key aspects ...

Investing in the education sector in Vietnam
Insight 18 Apr 2019

Private schools have become an increasingly attractive business in Vietnam as the large number of students from the growing middle class fuels demand for quality education while existing public schools struggle to keep up The Vietnamese Government has recently amended the legal regime for foreign ...

New Circular to permit foreign investor deposits in foreign currency for investments in state-owned enterprises in Vietnam
Insight 08 Apr 2019

A new Circular issued by the State Bank of Vietnam will allow non-resident foreign investors to use foreign currency for deposits or escrow deposits when participating in an auction for the purchase of shares or capital contribution in connection with the equitisation or divestment of state owned ...

New developments in Vietnam's renewable energy market
Insight 26 Mar 2019

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam the MOIT recently introduced amended regulations on wind power projects and issued new model power purchase agreements for wind projects and rooftop solar power projects New policies and feed-in tariffs for solar power projects are also on the horizon ...

Foreign investment in PNG - proposed changes
Insight 25 Mar 2019

The Papua New Guinea Government has revised proposed changes to PNGs foreign investment laws after concerns were raised about the potential economic effect of the initial reform package The proposed amendments if enacted could still have far reaching consequences for PNGs foreign investment ...