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Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: October 2018
Insight 14 Nov 2018

In this update we look at the the progress of rule changes across the month of October and examine opportunities for stakeholders to participate in the AEMCs new review Updating the regulatory framework for embedded networks ...

Solar farms in the spotlight - Victorian draft guidelines released
Insight 09 Nov 2018

The Victorian Government has released draft guidelines for the design assessment and development of large-scale solar farms Partner Jillian Button Senior Associate Emily Johnstone Associate Isabella Kelly and Lawyer Zainab Mahmood provide an overview of the guidelines key features ...

Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: September 2018
Insight 05 Oct 2018

In this update we summarise the progress of rule changes across the month of September and take a closer look at the release of and response to AEMOs first Integrated System Plan for the NEM ...

The ESC's draft decision on first round of amendments to the Energy Retail Code
Insight 18 Sep 2018

While the Federal Government gives further consideration to implementation of the ACCCs recommendations relating to retail tariffs and retailer behaviour the Victorian Essential Services Commission has been progressing reforms proposed by the Independent Review into the Electricity and Gas Retail ...

Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: August 2018
Insight 01 Sep 2018

In this update we track the progress of rule changes during August and also examine the upcoming reforms that will introduce a consumer data right to the energy sector ...

National Energy Guarantee moves to the next stage
Insight 15 Aug 2018

The COAG Energy Council has voted to progress the development of the National Energy Guarantee by approving the release of the draft National Electricity Law amendments Partners Anna Collyer and Kate Axup and Managing Associate Karla Drinkwater discuss what has been approved the details still to be ...

ACCC wants changes to the National Electricity Market
Insight 07 Aug 2018

The ACCC recommends changes be made to the structure of ownership of generation assets and incentives in place regarding bidding and generation investment We examine the operation of the National Electricity Market why the ACCC is concerned about market concentration and their recommendations for ...

Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: July 2018
Insight 06 Aug 2018

Tis update examines the Rule changes during July and in particular the final AEMC report on the Reliability Frameworks Review ...

A new framework for transmission network connections
Insight 30 Jul 2018

Connecting to the network is a fundamental part of getting any new renewable energy development off the ground The rules governing arrangements for connection to the transmission network changed on 1 July 2018 and are designed to increase transparency and contestability in the connection process and ...

Corporate PPAs - What's happening?
Insight 17 Jul 2018

Power purchase agreements are no longer the exclusive domain of retailers As electricity prices rise and we move towards a carbon constrained future companies are looking for ways to manage their exposure to changing electricity prices and to purchase electricity from renewable sources Generators ...