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National Energy Guarantee - Emissions Requirement
Insight 20 Feb 2018

Following the recent release of the National Energy Guarantee draft design consultation paper by the Energy Security Board Partner Kate Axup and Senior Associate Karla Drinkwater report on key aspects of the Emissions Requirement and its interaction with the existing Renewable Energy Target scheme ...

China's National Carbon Market - what to expect
Insight 02 Feb 2018

China will soon have the worlds largest emissions trading scheme emstrongETSstrongem according to announcements made late last year by Chinas state planning agency the National Development and Reform Commission emstrongNDRCstrongem According to the NDRC Chinas national ETS will be operating by 2020 ...

Northern Territory's bold renewable energy target
Insight 11 Dec 2017

Recently the Northern Territory Government released the Roadmap to Renewables report The report considers how the Government could successfully implement a policy to achieve half of the Territorys energy requirements from renewable sources by 2030 The report indicates that considerable amounts of ...

National Energy Guarantee
Insight 28 Nov 2017

The Energy Security Board recently released a report summarising the results of its modelling of the Federal Governments new energy policy the National Energy Guarantee The Energy Security Boards report was considered by the COAG Energy Council at its meeting on 24 November 2017 and gives an insight ...

Getting The Deal Through: Boom in renewables
Insight 04 Aug 2017

Allens Partners Ben Farnsworth Michael Ryan and Tim Stewart were part of the global panel analysing the boom in renewables in the Australian project finance market In Getting the Deal Throughs third annual issue focusing on the global project finance markets Ben Michael and Tim look at the trends ...

Finkel Review - System security: its impact on energy investment
Insight 21 Jul 2017

While much of the commentary on the Finkel Review has been around a clean energy target a number of very important but very technical issues relating to system security were also canvassed The Review recognised that system security characteristics should be valued and regulated in addition to the ...

Finkel Review - Electricity: Design for a market in transition
Insight 18 Jul 2017

In the fifth of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at signals for new investment in the National Electricity Market The Reviews responses to this issue reject sweeping changes to the wholesale market structure but call for more immediate and targeted measures to support the transition of ...

Finkel Review - Renewables: The importance of regulatory certainty for renewables
Insight 30 Jun 2017

In the third of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at implications for the renewable energy sector Two recommendations in particular - the Clean Energy Target CET and the Generator Reliability Obligation - raise a number of opportunities and issues for investment in the renewable energy ...

Finkel Review - Distributed Energy Resources: Unlocking potential and future partnerships
Insight 23 Jun 2017

In the second of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at Dr Finkels assessment on the growth of distributed energy resources DERs in the Australian energy landscape and his suggestions for future incentivisation and orchestration These suggestions have raised a number of considerations and ...

Finkel Review - Gas: A revolving door or real change?
Insight 20 Jun 2017

In the first of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at Dr Finkels assessment on the place of gas in the Australian energy landscape and his suggestions for the creation of more efficient gas markets These suggestions include both the familiar and the novel but it is yet to be seen if Dr ...