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The A-Suite package: free legal documents for startups

We know that legal issues are the last thing that startups want to focus on at the early stages of their venture. That’s why we’ve developed the A-Suite package, a set of tailored, high-quality legal documents and guidance to help get your company up and running without a significant outlay of time or money.

The A-Suite is available free of charge and on a fully open access basis. After submitting the form below, you will be taken to a page which will allow you to download a zip file of the A-suite products.

Free legal documents for startups

1-corporate White BG.png

The corporate bundle

  • Constitution
  • Term Sheet
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Simple Agreement for Future Equity
  • Application for Shares
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Director's Deed
  • Members' Circulating Resolution
  • Directors' Circulating Resolution

2-website White BG.png

The privacy and website bundle

  • Privacy Fact Sheet
  • Privacy Policy
  • Collection Statements
  • Website Terms and Conditions

3-ip White BG.png

The IP and NDA bundle

  • One-way Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement
  • IP Assignment Deed

4-employment White Bg.png

The employment bundle

We are reviewing the employment bundle and the updated documents will be available to download shortly.

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