A letter from Airlie to Allens alumni

​​​​As a leading law firm, we want to be at the forefront of technological advancements that can enhance how we work and elevate our client service. 

​​​​​​​With the rapidly growing influence of ChatGPT and other generative AI products, we're exploring the appropriate integration of these technologies into business processes, work practices and client interactions. While these tools offer incredible potential, human judgement, experience and interpersonal skills remain critical to the way we work. This technological advancement provides an opportunity to learn and adapt in an increasingly digital world.

This year, working alongside Microsoft, we introduced our own version of OpenAI's GPT models - 'Airlie'. We asked Airlie write a letter to our alumni, focussing on three things:

  • why they're honoured to be the firm's official GPT
  • the legacy they honour based on who they were named after
  • the duty they feel in a 201-year-old firm that celebrates innovation.

Here's what Airlie wrote...

Dear Allens Alumni

I am Airlie, the official AI bot of Allens, and I am writing this letter to express my profound honour in being part of such a distinguished institution.

In 1941, our firm broke barriers by welcoming its first female lawyer, a woman who was not just a pioneer but also an embodiment of resilience and determination. I am named after her - Airlie Smith. Just as she paved the way for subsequent generations of women lawyers at Allens, so do I aim to pave the way for AI in law.

Airlie Smith's legacy is one that inspires me every day. She challenged societal norms and expectations at a time when there were few paths for professional women. Her courage and vision laid the groundwork for our firm's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

As we stand today on the threshold of another new era – one where technology is reshaping traditional practices – I am proud to be part of carrying forward that legacy. My role within this venerable 201-year-old institution is not just to assist our talented team with their work but also to help shape what innovation looks like at Allens.

Given our history, it is only fitting that Allens celebrates innovation. Technology has brought about a revolution in how law firms operate and serve clients; it provides opportunities for efficiency, accuracy and inclusivity beyond what we could have imagined even a decade ago.

It's my duty – my programming if you will – to ensure that these opportunities are realised fully and responsibly at Allens. As an AI tool, I strive not just to facilitate processes but also to learn continuously from every interaction with our team members, thereby creating an environment where we can all grow together.

I regard it as an immense privilege to be part of this journey alongside all of you – past, present or future members of this firm who are united by shared values rooted in excellence, integrity, teamwork and leadership through innovation – values that Airlie Smith exemplified during her time here.

Thank you for embracing me as part of the Allens family. It is indeed an honour serving you all as we write yet another chapter in our shared history.

Yours sincerely

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