Allens launches enterprise version of ChatGPT, Airlie

AI Legal Technology

Allens is one of the first law firms to launch its own version of OpenAI's GPT models. The solution, known as Airlie, will facilitate the controlled use and integration of generative AI technology to drive efficiencies and enhance client service, while maintaining the confidentiality of the firm's and its clients' information.

'With the rapidly growing influence of ChatGPT and other generative AI products, we're committed to exploring appropriate integration of these technologies into our business processes, work practices and client interactions,' said Managing Partner Richard Spurio.

Airlie has been developed with Microsoft and is built on Microsoft's Azure platform. Initially, it will be used to automate routine tasks, support drafting efforts, and improve business efficiency.

'Allens has long been at the forefront of technological advancements that enhance how we work, elevate the service we provide to clients and improve the experience of our people. We see the introduction of Airlie as the next step in that journey,' said Chief Innovation & Legal Solutions Officer Lisa Kozaris.

'Our goal is to leverage emerging technology, including generative AI, to build solutions which streamline and enhance how we deliver our services, and to develop new skills and competencies in our people, to maintain our leading edge in the legal sector.'

Together with the introduction of Airlie, the firm has also launched an internal campaign to generate feedback, ideas and potential use cases.

'As a firm we have developed incredibly rich data sets generated over years of advising clients on their most significant matters and transactions. The combination of this data, best-in-class technology in Airlie and the intellect of our people, has the potential to deliver significant innovation. We are excited to see what the team comes up with and how we as a firm can evolve our practices to deliver for our people and our clients,' Lisa added.

'We see generative AI as a tool to supplement and elevate the skills of our people, not a replacement. While the technology offers incredible opportunities, human judgment, deep legal expertise, commercial insights and people  skills remain at the centre of the way we work and the value we offer clients,' Richard said.