Our LGBTQIA+ inclusive policies

Parental leave

Our policies apply to all of our people regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or relationship status, including our market leading parental leave package which removes any distinction between primary and secondary carers and offers the same leave benefits and entitlements to both parents. Our policy also provides leave entitlements for adoption and foster or long-term kinship care of a child under 18 years of age. Learn more about our parental leave package.


Support for trans and gender diverse people

We promote a working environment that is respectful and supportive of the needs of trans and gender diverse people, regardless of whether they are publicly transitioning. Our policies ensure:

  • The privacy and confidentiality of trans and gender diverse people in relation to their gender identity
  • Our people can use and be referred to with a name and pronoun consistent with their affirmed gender
  • Our people can use the bathroom and other facilities appropriate for the gender they identify with
  • Our people may dress in a way that's consistent with their affirmed gender identity, in line with our general dress and appearance standards guidelines
  • If an employee requires time off work to transition, they may be able to access unpaid leave in addition to any accrued leave entitlements

    Welcome Here

    We welcome and celebrate LGBTQIA+ diversity and are proud to be a member of Welcome Here

    The Welcome Here Project supports businesses across Australia to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of LGBTQIA+ communities.

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Inclusion and diversity at Allens

As a team, we have many different stories, but we stand side-by-side in delivering exceptional outcomes.