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Privately Sourced Financing of NSW’s Infrastructure

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In light of the unprecedented level of planned government investment in public infrastructure, the panel will discuss the benefits that private capital brings to public infrastructure from a range of perspectives and also what opportunities and benefits the involvement of private capital opens up for Government, investors and contractors.

Date and time

Thursday, 29 April 2021

  • Amy Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Investment NSW
  • Malcolm MacIntyre, Managing Director, Capella Capital
  • Meg Redwin, General Counsel, Multiplex
  • Moderator: David Donnelly, Partner – Sector Lead Infrastructure & Transport, Allens

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Propelling city growth

Spreading the spend

To rebalance the pipeline and bring the greatest benefits to all Australians, we need to spread the spend. Watch our latest video explaining how.

Propelling city growth

Building strength through collaboration

Good infrastructure isn't a matter of public versus private, through collaboration we can create better and more sustainable cities.

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Questions and feedback

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Allens online learning

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