Targeting net zero: a climate change guide

By Jillian Button
Climate Change Environment & Planning

Practical guidance for legal and compliance teams in Australia

Even in a COVID-19 affected world, climate change remains a material consideration for most businesses. The challenge of reaching net zero by 2050, in particular, will increasingly demand the attention of in house legal and compliance teams.

Understanding the full breadth of the legal dimensions of climate change will be essential. And while something may constitute good practice today, it's often necessary to stress test how well advice, and indeed decisions, will stand up in the future against the rising tide of stakeholder and regulatory expectations.

With our integrated team of climate change specialists, we have developed this guide which is intended to equip inhouse legal and compliance teams with essential information about the legal aspects of climate change. As well as introducing Australia's commitments under the Paris Agreement and outlining key regulatory frameworks for Australian business, the guide steps readers through the interface between climate change and governance, procurement and finance, competition and consumer laws, litigation and 'soft law' standards.

Preparing for climate litigation and shareholder action

Understanding and navigating ‘soft law’