Climate change litigation in Australia

By Jillian Button, Essie Dyer
Climate Change

The risk of climate change litigation is increasing

Litigation is increasingly being used to seek to compel government and business to take action on climate change and climate-related risks.  This year alone, four new pieces of significant climate-related litigation have been commenced in Australia.

The time is now for in-house counsel and sustainability teams to be aware of the growing risk of litigation in Australia and to be abreast of the wider global trends shaping the legal landscape.

Access key local and global trends at a glance and explore in depth how claimants are testing numerous litigation pathways, including human rights, tort law, consumer laws, corporate disclosure laws and directors' duties.


Key themes:

  • Evolving judicial attitudes
  • Physical impacts in Australia are opening up new litigation pathways
  • The spotlight on governance and disclosure grows even brighter
  • Claims based on human rights are increasing
  • Claimants are testing the waters with civil claims
  • Claimants are replying on soft law framework to air climate-related companies