Emerging with strength: key considerations for the oil and gas industry

COVID-19 Energy Oil & Gas

Regulatory reforms, future trends and evolving market conditions

The future of the gas industry in Australia remains bright. Global demand for gas is projected to grow at a steady rate over the coming decades, driven by growing populations and economic development in emerging economies, together with the global trend of an expanding middle class. Gas is also expected to play an important role as a transition fuel to renewable energy, due to its lower carbon output.

While market conditions evolve, legal reform in the oil and gas space continues. There are challenges ahead as we see considerable disruption from COVID-19, including the plummeting crude oil price and the impact on M&A activity. We help our clients navigate these challenges and market uncertainty across the project lifecycle and ensure clients are equipped to move forward. 

There are key regulatory reforms that require action,  future trends to consider and evolving market conditions that present challenges.