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Allens Accelerate: Preparing for investment
Insight 08 Jun 2016

As a startup looking to raise capital youll most likely spend a fair bit of time thinking about your pitch to potential investors and if youre lucky the terms of any investment ...

Australia and Singapore enter into Comprehensive Strategic Partnership
Insight 17 May 2016

The Australian and Singaporean governments have recently concluded discussions on a landmark agreement that will see the two countries cooperating across a range of strategic initiatives including in the areas of trade and economics innovation education people and defence The Comprehensive Strategic ...

Allens Accelerate: 2016 Budget summary: startup hits and misses
Insight 06 May 2016

Allens has looked at the Budget handed down by the Turnbull Government this week and identified the hits and misses for Australian startups Overall the measures targeted at the startup and innovation sector have mostly been amendments and improvements to existing legislation and previously announced ...

Bankruptcy and insolvency law reforms and the innovation agenda
Insight 03 May 2016

The Federal Government has released a Proposals Paper on possible changes to bankruptcy and insolvency laws that will form part of its broader National Innovation and Science Agenda Reform to bankruptcy and insolvency law has been identified as an area that could contribute to changing the culture ...

Government and ASIC announcements for FinTech sector
Insight 23 Mar 2016

There were three announcements this week that will serve to bolster the emerging Australian FinTech sector The Government released a statement in support of FinTech as part of its National Innovation and Science Agenda while ASIC issued two sets of guidance an information sheet for providers of ...

Allens Accelerate: The startup investor tax concessions - what you need to know
Insight 22 Mar 2016

The Federal Government has introduced a Bill detailing tax concessions to incentivise investment into Australian startups ...

Predictive coding: the future of electronic document production?
Insight 25 Feb 2016

A recent decision of the English High Court may pave the way for the use of predictive coding in large scale discovery and regulatory investigations in Australia Partners Nick Rudge and Duncan Travis Managing Associate Kate Austin and Associate Emily Giblin look at the benefits and risks of the new ...

Clarification on the meaning of 'personal information'
Insight 01 Feb 2016

The AAT has overturned the Grubb determination of the Commonwealth Privacy Commissioner and found that mobile network data from an individual's phone activity does not constitute 'personal information' under the Privacy Act ...

Fact sheet: Show me the money: Tax reforms to encourage investment in startups
Insight 10 Dec 2015

The Ideas Boom has arrived with the Federal Governments National Innovation and Science Agenda Central to the new agenda are a raft of tax and regulatory measures designed to encourage greater investment in startups to help them both get off the ground and to survive the valley of death with greater ...

Allens Accelerate: Get ready for the #IdeasBoom!
Insight 08 Dec 2015

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has unveiled the hotly awaited National Innovation and Science Agenda NISA The Prime Minister declared the beginning of the Ideas Boom stating that unlike the mining boom this is a boom that can continue forever The NISA comprises more than 20 individual policies and ...