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New year review: contract resets in the infrastructure sector
Insight 30 Jan 2024

A new year often brings with it an opportunity to review, reflect and….reset? The infrastructure sector has been subject to significant and unpredictable pressures in the last five years which has meant that contracts that were once fit for purpose are no longer responding to risks appropriately. ...

Corporate trustees: no fiduciary duty owed by a successor trustee to its predecessor
Insight 18 Oct 2023

A recent New South Wales Court of Appeal judgment has resolved a difficult question concerning the law of corporate trustees, and serves as a practical reminder of the difficulties faced, in particular, by insolvency practitioners appointed to insolvent former trustees. ...

Future-proofing the energy transition: strategies for mitigating project disputes
Insight 27 Jul 2023

In this Insight, we explore the major trends that we believe will prove the most fertile ground for future projects disputes. ...

Key observations from the Government's review of Australia's corporate insolvency regime
Insight 13 Jul 2023

Key observations from the Government's review of Australia's corporate insolvency regime. ...

Security of payment: contractor insolvency and debt recovery in NSW
Insight 16 Mar 2023

The recently introduced section 32B of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) (the Act) prevents companies in liquidation from either serving or taking action to enforce a payment claim made under the Act. ...

Small business restructuring reforms
Insight 22 Dec 2020

The Federal Government's insolvency reform package relating to small business provides for a debt restructuring process intended to give eligible small businesses the flexibility to restructure debts while the directors remain in control of the business, and for a new simplified liquidation process for small business. ...

Insolvency reforms to support small business
Insight 24 Sep 2020

The Commonwealth government announced a package of reforms directed at streamlining insolvency processes for small business. Our analysis on the issue from our insolvency and restructuring experts. ...

Restructuring and insolvency: preparing for, and going beyond, the insolvency cliff

Webinar: Restructuring and Insolvency: preparing for, and going beyond, the insolvency cliff ...

COVID-19 ready reckoner

As the expiration dates for the Government's responses to the COVID-19 pandemic loom, it is hard to know what protections and relaxations remain in place for companies and their directors. We summarise the current (as at the week commencing 14 September 2020) stimuli and moratoria implemented by the Federal Government. This accompanies our webinar: Restructuring and insolvency - preparing for, and going beyond, the insolvency cliff, held on 16 September 2020. ...