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The expectation of continuous improvement in combating modern slavery
Insight 09 Apr 2024

There is an expectation that businesses demonstrate continuous improvement in their response to modern slavery and reporting under Australia's Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (the MSA). ...

The significance of fair and timely investigation into whistleblower allegations
Insight 21 Mar 2024

This Insight examines the risks of not investigating whistleblower allegations in a timely and procedurally fair manner and the importance of scrutinising investigation findings prior to taking disciplinary action. ...

Human Rights Acts across Australia: implications and considerations for businesses
Insight 06 Mar 2024

In this Insight, we summarise the key provisions of state and territory Human Rights Acts and consider when (and to whom) they apply. As these acts are now in force in the ACT, Victoria and Queensland, we also consider what a similar instrument could look like in other states and territories. ...

What's on the horizon for business and human rights – 2023 themes and 2024 predictions
Insight 15 Feb 2024

The focus on businesses' obligations regarding human rights has grown considerably in recent years. In this Insight, we identify some of the central business and human rights themes from 2023, and set out our predictions for the year ahead. ...

Nine-year check-in: Draft Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights
Insight 27 Nov 2023

For nearly a decade, a United Nations working group has been debating and negotiating the scope and content of a proposed binding treaty on business and human rights. If agreed and ratified, the treaty will represent a major leap forward in the regulation of business human rights. ...

1972 is calling: repeal of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 (WA)
Insight 16 Aug 2023

Just five weeks after its commencement, the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 (WA) (ACH Act) has been repealed, and will be replaced with an amended version of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (WA) (1972 Act) – the very legislation it was intended to overhaul. ...

No longer 'once in a blue moon': bluewashing risks and challenges can't be ignored
Insight 24 Jul 2023

In this Insight, we explain why companies should carefully consider their representations about human rights and other social issues, and how to manage associated bluewashing risk. ...

Recommendations for reform of Australia's Modern Slavery Act
Insight 06 Jun 2023

The recommendations for reform of Australia's Modern Slavery if adopted, will mark a substantial strengthening in Australia's efforts to combat modern slavery, as well as more onerous due diligence and reporting requirements for companies caught by the regime. ...

Diversity and inclusion in the boardroom and beyond
Insight 24 Nov 2022

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) continues to be an important ESG consideration for companies. In this Insight, we cover some of the key Australian and international D&I-related legal, regulatory and commercial developments. ...

Renewables, grids and human rights: risk, obligations and best practice

Webinar: Renewables, grids and human rights: risk, obligations and best practice ...