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Hydrogen – what you need to know
Insight 12 Jul 2019

The COAG Energy Council Hydrogen Working Group continues its work on the National Hydrogen Strategy, with the release of its issues papers series. The nine papers are a fascinating look at the ...

Opposition's promise of $1 billion for hydrogen reflects growing optimism
Insight 14 Feb 2019

The Federal Opposition's recent announcement of a $1.1 billion 'National Hydrogen Plan', to support development of hydrogen technologies and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, is only the latest ...

Steps taken to progress Strategic Energy Plan
Insight 27 Nov 2018

Tasked with preparing a draft Strategic Energy Plan on behalf of the COAG Energy Council, the Energy Security Board has developed five key outcomes and a list of objectives for the National ...

The revival of the Retailer Reliability Obligation
Insight 20 Nov 2018

In the wake of the last COAG Energy Council meeting, at which it was agreed the National Energy Guarantee's reliability component should be progressed, new draft legislation gives effect to a ...

Solar farms in the spotlight - Victorian draft guidelines released
Insight 09 Nov 2018

The Victorian Government has released draft guidelines for the design, assessment and development of large-scale solar farms. Partner Jillian Button, Senior Associate Emily Johnstone, Associate ...

New developments in Vietnam's renewable energy sector
Insight 14 Sep 2018

Vietnam has revised certain aspects of its laws around wind and solar power. The Prime Minister's Decision 39 increases the feed-in tariff for wind power projects to the equivalent of 8.5 US cents ...

Renewables in Vietnam - opportunities for investment
Insight 05 Sep 2018

The demand for electricity in Vietnam is rising rapidly to power the growing economy. Forecasts predict an annual growth rate for electricity of 'near-double' digits in the years to come. To keep ...

Solar farm wins court approval despite conflicts with planning schemes
Insight 27 Aug 2018

The Queensland Planning and Environment Court has approved a solar farm located on good quality agricultural land despite high level conflicts between the proposed development and the provisions of ...

National Energy Guarantee on hold in favour of interventionist powers
Insight 21 Aug 2018

In a sharp turnaround over the weekend, the Government announced yesterday it would not introduce the emissions component of the National Energy Guarantee into Parliament, but instead would focus o ...

National Energy Guarantee moves to the next stage
Insight 15 Aug 2018

The COAG Energy Council has voted to progress the development of the National Energy Guarantee by approving the release of the draft National Electricity Law amendments. Partners Anna Collyer and ...