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Opposition's promise of $1 billion for hydrogen reflects growing optimism
Insight 14 Feb 2019

The Federal Oppositions recent announcement of a 11 billion National Hydrogen Plan to support development of hydrogen technologies and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is only the latest development demonstrating the industrys potential growth Partner Igor Bogdanich Associate Holly Woodcroft ...

Corporate law developments
Insight 14 Nov 2018

Welcome to our monthly snapshot of regulatory updates and other developments in corporate law We know you are busy so our focus is on capturing key issues ...

Show me the data! Introducing the Consumer Data Right
Insight 10 Sep 2018

On 15 August the Federal Government released exposure draft legislation that if passed will establish an economy-wide consumer-directed data transfer system The latest sprint in a marathon of reviews reports and recommendations over the past few years that have called for the adoption of some form ...

Federal Court imposes highest penalty to date
Insight 22 May 2018

The Full Federal Court has allowed the ACCCs appeal and imposed penalties of 46 million for cartel conduct on Japanese wire harness manufacturer Yazaki Corporation The penalty was increased to 46 million from 95 million on appeal and is the highest-ever penalty under the Competition and Consumer Act ...

Asia Region Funds Passport Bill introduced
Insight 06 Apr 2018

Nearly nine years after the Johnson Report recommended the establishment of an Asia Region Funds Passport last week the Corporations Amendment Asia Region Funds Passport Bill was introduced into Parliament delivering on Australias commitment as set out in the Asian Region Funds Passports Memorandum ...

Linklaters Insights: Asia Pacific Competition Law Bulletin
Insight 21 Feb 2018

Our global alliance partner Linklaters with input from Allens and other expert local law firms around the region look at the latest competition law and policy developments in the Asia Pacific region As significant changes to the competition law regime in Australia came into effect in at the end of ...

The Asia Region Funds Passport begins to take shape
Insight 17 Oct 2017

Its been a busy few months for the development of the Asia Region Funds Passport In late August the Federal Government released exposure draft legislation to accommodate the introduction of the Passport in Australia Once implemented the Passport will allow fund managers from participating economies ...

Business risk in international trade and investment
Insight 31 Mar 2017

Australian boards and senior executives are expected to maintain oversight of risk and compliance issues including legal commercial political and reputational risk issues In-house counsel perform a central role in supporting this oversight and maintaining compliance In the third of a five-part ...

LNG destination clauses under scrutiny by Japanese competition regulator
Insight 07 Sep 2016

Part of the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industrys strategy for LNG market development which aims to achieve stability in LNG supply and lower prices is to abolish or relax destination clauses with the view that this would lead to lower prices through increased reselling and arbitrage ...

The beginning of the end of the unit trust's monopoly? A look at corporate CIVs
Insight 04 Sep 2015

The Board of Taxations report on tax arrangements applying to collective investment vehicles advocates extending tax neutrality to three additional collective investment vehicles corporates modelled on the Luxembourg SICAV limited partnerships and common contractual funds In this issue we examine ...