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How the UK's Brexit decision could affect you
Insight 20 Jun 2016

This week the UK will vote on whether it wants to remain part of the EU This decision could have global economic impacts and affect your business For instance how will it impact on free trade agreements with Europe and the rest of the world the pace of deals in the UK and the UK regulatory ...

Special Report: Understanding the opportunities and navigating the legal frameworks of distributed ledger technology and blockchain
Insight 17 Jun 2016

Authored by a multidisciplinary team from Allens Blockchain Reaction is designed to assist business stakeholders decision makers and in-house counsel across a variety of sectors to understand the technology and how it is being used as well as navigate the regulatory and legal opportunities and ...

Major overhaul of Australia's foreign investment laws: what's new?
Insight 04 Dec 2015

The new package of legislation overhauling Australias foreign investment laws the first major revision in 40 years commenced on 1 December 2015 While many features of the previous regime have been retained and sometimes re-named there are also a number of significant changes Partners Jeremy Low ...

ASIC tweaks employee incentive scheme relief
Insight 12 Nov 2015

Various amendments to ASICs employee incentive scheme class order relief have now come into effect Described by ASIC as minor and machinery in nature the clarifications and improvements were prompted in part by market feedback Partner Greg Bosmans looks at the changes ...

PNG securities laws rewrite
Insight 09 Nov 2015

Those dealing in PNGs capital markets should be aware that the PNG Parliament recently passed a package of legislation to substantially amend and strengthen the regulation of its capital markets The regime will introduce new licensing requirements for those involved in activities such as securities ...

Amendments reduce compliance burden for ASX-listed NZ companies
Insight 01 Sep 2015

ASX has released a number of proposed amendments to the ASX Foreign Exempt Listing Rules that will significantly lower both the ongoing compliance burden and the admission thresholds for New Zealand companies already listed or seeking a listing on ASX Partner Robert Pick Senior Associate Georgie ...

New regulations to kick-start a derivatives market in Vietnam
Insight 15 May 2015

The Vietnamese Government has issued a new decree that lays the foundations for the trading of derivatives and for the establishment of the first derivative market in Vietnam This development is expected to diversify securities products in Vietnam and help enhance liquidity on the Vietnam securities ...

Implementing Australia's free trade commitments with Japan, Korea and Chile
Insight 06 Nov 2014

The Commonwealth has recently made regulation to implement Australias commitments under its free trade agreements with Japan Korea and Chile which will ease certain foreign investment review and life insurance business regulations for investors from those countries Japan Sector Leader and Partner ...

ASIC's employee incentive scheme class orders - new and improved
Insight 31 Oct 2014

After much anticipation ASIC has released new employee incentive scheme class order relief Partner Greg Bosmans and Special Counsel Gadi Bloch members of Allens Head Office Governance team report on the implications for listed and unlisted companies ...

Linklaters Insights: New board pay rules - are they working?
Insight 29 Oct 2014

FTSE 100 companies have consulted far more widely with their shareholders on board pay and there have been far fewer shareholder revolts on pay as a result These are among the key findings of a Linklaters report analysing how FTSE 100 companies - throughout the 2014 AGM season - have reacted to the ...