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Report: Vietnam LNG sector update: September 2019
Insight 20 Sep 2019

Vietnam’s need for LNG projects is greater than ever due to instability of the power system, power shortages caused by delayed investment of other power projects and energy security requirements. This article provides an overview of the liquefied natural gas market in Vietnam ...

Peer-to-peer lending in Vietnam
Insight 30 Jul 2019

With technology and artificial intelligence gradually taking over the traditional banking and finance market, it is inevitable that Vietnam, a country with a population of 96 million and a 70% ...

New Decree on labour outsourcing services
Insight 13 May 2019

Taking effect from 5 May 2019, Decree 29/2019/ND-CP ( Decree 29 ) on labour outsourcing services has been introduced, replacing Decree 55/2013/ND-CP ( Decree 55 ). Key changes include a relaxation ...

New developments in Vietnam's renewable energy sector
Insight 14 Sep 2018

Vietnam has revised certain aspects of its laws around wind and solar power. The Prime Minister's Decision 39 increases the feed-in tariff for wind power projects to the equivalent of 8.5 US cents ...

Renewables in Vietnam - opportunities for investment
Insight 05 Sep 2018

The demand for electricity in Vietnam is rising rapidly to power the growing economy. Forecasts predict an annual growth rate for electricity of 'near-double' digits in the years to come. To keep ...

Vietnam reforms its competition law to bring it up to international standards
Insight 27 Aug 2018

Partner Partner Partner Carolyn Oddie Vietnam has recently voted to replace its Current Law for competition, which has been in effect for over 12 years, with a New Law. The New Law introduces substantial changes to the country's ...

Linklaters Insights: A Cross-Border Guide to Joint Ventures
Insight 27 Jul 2018

This Cross-Border Guide, which covers 26 jurisdictions, considers questions that commonly arise on joint venture deals and how they can be resolved. ...

Vietnam issues a stringent new cybersecurity law
Insight 22 Jun 2018

A new law in Vietnam enabling state control of cyber data will have wide-ranging implications for business costs and compliance. The powers it gives to the Government are extensive, and its coverag ...

Vietnamese competition law reform: what you need to know
Insight 29 Jan 2018

Partner Partner Partner Carolyn Oddie Vietnam is undertaking a major overhaul of its competition law framework to bring it into line with current international practice. Carolyn Oddie Linh Bui Carolyn Carolyn Linh Oddie Oddie ...

Interested in investment in Vietnam?
Insight 07 Sep 2017

Vietnam has increasingly been an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. In recent years, the legal landscape for doing business in Vietnam has changed significantly with the ...