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Assessing damages through the rear view mirror: Quantum issues in automotive class actions
Insight 02 May 2023

Toyota Appeal gives comfort to automakers that courts will recognise efforts to resolve product defects. ...

What to do if a class action is threatened or filed
Insight 03 Apr 2023

In this short video we outline the key steps that should be taken as soon as you are informed of a potential class action; or when a class action is filed. ...

Class action risk 2023

Webinar: Class action risk 2023 ...

ESG class actions: an emerging focus on supply chain risk
Insight 20 Mar 2023

Class action claims against companies alleging adverse human rights impacts are increasing globally. While damages may be sought, such claims are increasingly being used to drive change in company policies and practices. ...

Class action risk 2023

In this year's report we explore the key themes of class action risk from 2022, explain how and why it's evolved and what this evolution can mean for you throughout 2023. ...

ESG class actions
Insight 08 Feb 2023

As these actions grow in prominence overseas, and make their way to Australian shores, all sectors need to be aware of their strategies to mitigate litigation risk whilst keeping a clear eye on present and future trends. ...

Recent class action decisions set high bar for automakers to comply with acceptable quality guarantee
Insight 23 Jan 2023

In this Insight , we look at class actions targeting the automotive sector, and draw together key themes from recent decisions that have considered the standard of acceptable quality required for ...

Class action risk returning to previous heights

Webinar: [Class action risk returning to previous heights ...

Class action risk: interim update
Insight 18 Oct 2022

Filings are down, but impact too early to call. 2022 is shaping up as the year that bucks a number of long-running class action trends. Filings are materially down on prior years, and the claims that have been filed are somewhat at odds with recent trends. ...

A step into the breach – will the Optus incident give rise to more data breach class actions?
Insight 12 Oct 2022

Within days of Optus revealing it had suffered a major cyber incident, two major plaintiff class actions firms announced investigations into potential class action claims. ...