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Federal Court orders disclosure of class action respondent's insurance policies, affirming a recent trend
Insight 12 Aug 2019

In the Radio Rentals Class Action 1 , the Federal Court of Australia has ordered - over the objection of an Insurer - that a respondent disclose its insurance policies to the applicant. This decisi ...

A multi-million dollar question – aggregating claims in class actions
Insight 08 Aug 2019

The New South Wales Court of Appeal has held in Bank of Queensland Limited v AIG Australia Limited 1  that, under the terms of a civil liability insurance policy, each Class Member Registration For ...

Class actions and emerging issues
Insight 30 Jul 2019

The nature of Australia's class action landscape has fundamentally changed since the outset of the regimes. ...

Latest word on competing class actions
Insight 24 May 2019

In the latest instalment in the five competing shareholder class actions against AMP Limited, the Supreme Court of New South Wales has selected one case to proceed. In doing so, the court has made ...

ALRC's class action report - a 'canary in the coal-mine'?
Insight 30 Jan 2019

The Australian Law Reform Commission has released its much-anticipated final report on class actions and litigation funding, which makes a broad range of recommendations intended to bring the moder ...

Class action amounts to multiple claims under insurance policy
Insight 03 Dec 2018

The decision in a recent Supreme Court of New South Wales case, where indemnity was sought for costs incurred defending and settling a class action, highlights a potential gap in coverage under civ ...

Report: Class Action Risk 2018
Insight 26 Nov 2018

Class action risk continues to increase and is becoming more complex than ever before. Assessing this risk for your organisation is extraordinarily challenging and requires a broad-based perspectiv ...

Competing class actions - no 'one size fits all' solution
Insight 22 Nov 2018

The Full Federal Court has held that, when the court is faced with multiple 'competing' class actions in relation to the same issue, it can choose one to proceed and stay the others. In doing so, i ...

Full Federal Court speaks on competing class actions
Insight 30 Aug 2018

In the latest instalment in the attempts to deal with competing shareholder class actions, the Full Federal Court has ordered the transfer of four shareholder class actions against AMP to the Supre ...

Competing class actions - a problem in need of a solution
Insight 20 Aug 2018

Written by Partner Kate Austin and Senior Associate Jack Power As fertile ground for class actions, the Royal Commission has highlighted an ongoing problem with Australia's class action regime – ...